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but all this time i've been chasing down a lie

Who: Ginko and a whole bunch of people (Sans, Joker, Snake, Zecora, Tanyuu…)
What: In the aftermath of Foster’s shitty mushi plot, Ginko isn’t doing great.
When: From Day 90 onward
Where: Medical tent, trailer 13, and menagerie
Warnings: Possible talk of Foster’s shitty reasoning, also Ginko is a pile of depression and self-hatred in a trenchcoat.

Zecora - Medical Tent - Day 90 afternoon

Ginko was unconscious when Tanyuu first brought him in, bruised and scraped from the fight with Foster on top of his already being exhausted. After a certain point, though, he’s just… asleep, and remains that way through the night and well into the next day. The past few days - between the mushi leeching off his blood supply and the lack of sleep from trying to handle the infestations around the carnival and stressing himself out over them - have taken their toll.

Normally, he’d be pushing himself up the moment he woke up, always moving before his brain is even fully awake. But, today, he just lies there for a few seconds, staring up at the ceiling, before lifting a hand to press his palm over his face.


Tanyuu - Trailer 13

Once it’s been confirmed that he’s good to go (and he’s promised not to strain himself too much), Ginko and Tanyuu head back to their trailer. Of course, agreeing not to tire himself out more doesn’t mean Ginko isn’t going to want Tanyuu to catch him up on what happened while was out - what happened to Foster, what was being done about the repellent.

The whole time they’re talking, he keeps fidgeting, whether with his sleeves or his hair or just in the form of his tail twisting and lashing around his ankles. “So… things are being worked out, right? Just… that’s all I need to know.”

Snake - morning of Day 92 - Menagerie

By all rights, this should be the best off Ginko has been in the past several days. In a lot of ways, it is; with the mushi situation finally under control, things are more or less looking up - and, since the mushi that had been leeching off his blood are finally being removed, little by little, he should be feeling a lot better.

Should be. He is feeling better of course, but he’s still more tired than he’d normally expect, and getting himself to go back to work when the time comes proves something of a challenge. But it’s not like he’s never had this problem before, and he does get to the menagerie, albeit a little later than usual.

His ears flick forward when he sees Snake already there, and he gives a small wave as he heads over to watch him feed his snakes. “‘Morning. How are they doing?”

Joker - Menagerie

For all intents and purposes, Ginko seems to be settling back into his work as if everything is normal - though he may seem a little more singlemindedly focused on it when he’s working, and a little less focused on anything when he isn’t. Of course, he’s still having trouble bringing himself to seek out conversation outside of what’s necessary, but… that’s probably fine. Even now, part of him wonders if it might be for the best.

Even when cleaning out the enclosures, he doesn’t pause for long between stalls. Clear out the muck, wash what needs to be washed, change out bedding and food as necessary - it’s a simple, easy pattern to keep up. Like walking, putting one foot in front of the other; he doesn’t need to think for it.

Sometimes, not thinking can be a nice change of pace.

Sans - Barn

Breaks… might pose a problem. Theoretically he could just keep working through them, but the opportunity to pause for a while is more tempting than usual… even if as soon as he’s not working he starts wishing he were. He’s used to spending his breaks chatting, wandering around the carnival to visit with coworkers, but… no way. Not right now.

Which leaves one obvious solution. Going back to his trailer would take too long and probably get some questions from Tanyuu if she catches him. So, instead, he just… flops down on a pile of hay in the corner of the barn. He’s slept in worse places.
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Joker can understand not wanting to think. It's why, when he arrive at the menagerie, he stays quit for once when he spots how involved Ginko is in his work. Maybe it all works out for him, too- he's feeling a bit too tired for his usual extroverted personality with all the recent things that have happened. Not just the vampires, but.... everything.

And he didn't even get to listen to Foster be murdered over the radio. What an unfair world.

Still, while he doesn't say anything, he does follow after Ginko at a distance, just watching him to make sure he doesn't... He has no idea. Faint, or anything. Still, with his appearance and clothing preferences, it's likely easy to spot him ghosting along for Ginko.
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Any other day, and it'd be kind of funny how Ginko freezes up at the sight of him as if he just popped out of nowhere like a ghost. However, with recent events, well... He straightens up a bit, ears flicking upwards in contrast to Ginko's droop and wings ruffling a little bit.

"Haven't been overworkin' yerself, have ya, Ginko?"
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"No offense, Ginko," he points out, "but I've been here for probably fifteen minutes, I think."

So, yeah. He's not really buying that. And he knows you, Ginko.
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Fortunate, really, that Ginko isn't much of a liar like Joker is, or else the stage manager thinks they might have some problems. Still, even if he's not much of a liar, Joker wonders if he'd have to same kind of reaction to being called out he does. Not something he wants to risk.

Still.... What to say in that case? Maybe just treat it like normal, and he goes to find a perch to sit on. "Well, if yer just doin' yer job, got time ta break for a bit?"
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Once he's found his perch, seated as the world's gaudiest emotionally incompetent bird, Joker rolls the words around in his head and then his mouth before saying them. "Ya could probably hear that I was a bit... glib durin' that whole business a bit back..."

Party at Joker's trailer, let's listen and hope we hear Foster dying.

"But I was worried about ya. So just.... Are ya really okay?"
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He will be, huh? Well.... Joker guesses that's true, and nods slightly. Everyone will be all right, eventually, given enough time. Maybe this will be more of a 'sooner' than 'later' kind of deal. It'd be nice to think, anyway.

"...Anythin' ya need? That I could help with?"
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The question makes Joker blink, drawing back a little in surprise, but even as a part of his mind asks why, he.... Glancing away, he rubs the back of his neck sheepishly. Nah, he knows why. Psi had been one thing, but that was.... Ugh. That was a mess on both their parts. At least, Joker still can't settle from the way the troll had approached it. But Ginko?

"Nah, I ain't upset." His face twists a little, like he's tasting something bitter. "Was just embarrassed for a bit, I suppose." Getting a hold of himself, Joker glances back to Ginko, grinning lopsidedly. "Spent a good couple of years buildin' up a nice reputation, then I go and get stuck in a tree! Besides, I figured ya would want some space after I fell on ya."

A pause.

"...That happened, right, I ain't particularly sure."
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"Sorry about worryin' ya, and almost breakin' yer back before that!" Joker flashes a grin, relieved too. To think that Ginko would- no, he can see that. It had been his fault, for avoiding things, and then just getting swept up in all his work. Ginko won't judge him.

....Actually, he'd pretty sure he judges him a little, but so long as he's quiet about it, it's fine.

Still... Now that they're talking about it, Joker can't help but rustle his wings, trying to hide how... tentative he is about the question he's about to ask. "Speakin' of that... Doll, she- well, there wasn't any trouble with her, was there?"
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Relief floods through him, and, with it, he's free to grin brightly at Ginko's assessment. "She's the bleedin' star of our family," he gushes, leaning forward and gesturing energetically with his hand.

"She's so full of wit and vinegar- ha! I'd like ta think she get it from me, but that might be a little pompous, don't ya think?" His eyes sparkle as he laughs. "Ya won't meet a kinder or funnier lass. When she gets older, she's gonna be fightin' suitors off with a stick, I keep tellin' her, but she never believes she's half as pretty as she is."
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Another snort of laughter this time, although at least Joker tries to hide it behind his hand. It doesn't quite suppress the wide grin, however. To tell him or not tell him? Well, it's not like there's any point in lying, he guesses. Ginko's probably heard worse.

"Mighta been a comment about yer nose, if she said what I think she said, although I can't remember that far along."
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"It's big," Joker says casually but honestly, chuckling only a little. "Not that I find it a bad thing! Makes ya look nice and homey, somehow. Easy ta recognize, at any rate."
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"Pretty noticeable, I'd say!"

And then there's a long pause from the chatty stage manager that should be setting of Ginko's "bad idea" senses before he grins nice and wide. "I could give ya a nice comparison, if ya'd like!"
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"Well, the best way ta compare somethin' is ta put 'em side by side, ain't it?" He's still grinning. This is absolutely going to be horrible.

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