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Lambert ([personal profile] whattaprick) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival 2017-05-11 04:15 am (UTC)

The book, of course, is heavy and solid in his hand -- as real as anything else in the Carnival, still smelling fresh off the printer's press.

"Norrell's a dick," Lambert says, with the same automatic supportiveness Strange showed for his own griping about Vesemir. Someone who goes that far to make Strange's life harder is obviously not someone who he's ever going to think the best of or give the benefit of the doubt, because yeah, fuck that.

When Strange mentions the book being banned because it was dangerous, though, Lambert can't help frowning. He's no stranger to the dangers of the wrong book at the wrong time -- the bodies strewn around Kaer Morhen attest that the pen, especially one driven by hatred and rage, is indeed mightier than the sword -- but having read the book, and knowing Strange, it's hard to see what could be contrived as dangerous about it.

Not that it'll stop him from hazarding a guess. "What, did he not think it was respectable enough?"

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