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Jonathan Strange ([personal profile] kingsroads) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival 2017-05-12 01:32 pm (UTC)

"It isn't," Strange responds, with a bit of a nod. And already, things are...not necessarily tense, but it's obvious that from his glower and tone of voice that Strange isn't too fond of the Matrix.

"The Carnival had stopped at the Matrix when I first arrived. It was another digital world, though actual people were living in it, not the programs. I can't claim to understand the ins and outs of that world, but it also had Agents of some kind who wanted to learn about the Carnival. They kidnapped some of the Carnival employees, brainwashed them, and then tried to stage an attack on the Carnival itself."

There's more to the story--it's obvious from the way that Strange is just so downright uncomfortable talking about it. But if Lambert doesn't pry, then he won't answer. He has nothing to hide and will gladly answer questions if needed...but that doesn't mean he likes talking about it.

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