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Lambert's eyes narrow slightly. He can recognize an omission when he hears one, although he's not sure why Strange bothers. Just as the matter of who was kidnapped by the vampires is hardly a secret, whoever was taken by the Agents would be obvious to anyone ... except those who have to hear about it secondhand.

Pressing Strange on the matter waits, though, at least for a moment, while he watches the man rub at his shoulder. Lambert himself didn't get shot during the vampire's attack on the Masquerade -- and small mercies for that -- but he'd seen the damage a gun could do when Childermass used it (though that had been from a shotgun, not a pistol -- not a distinction Lambert's been enlightened about. That hadn't been pretty. Strange isn't a fighter, for all he continually harps on having been in a war. Then again, here they have spells and potions to mend almost any injury, without needing someone to have inhuman constitution to withstand them.

"It takes a certain kind of mind to care to relive traumatic injury, Strange," he says instead, dryly. "And you're not that far gone." He gives him an appraising look, considering. Strange can be quick with those mirrors and puddles with sufficient; if he got shot, it probably means he got caught off guard. His lip curls.

"Who shot you?"

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