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some people are better at surviving than living

Who: Jonathan Strange & Lambert
What: Lambert drops off Strange's book and asks some questions about the Carnival's last visit to a digital world.
When: After the general presentation/intro to Mainframe!
Where: The Big Top
Warnings: Maybe references to previous violence? Anything is possible with these two!

After the meeting disperses, Lambert sees himself off to breakfast, then back to his trailer, Strange's presence having reminded him of the outstanding matter of giving the man back his book before he drops into Mainframe again. In truth, he hasn't read the book very thoroughly, just the parts of most interest -- anything with the Raven King himself, deals with Faerie, and those King's Roads Strange mentioned before. He also might have casually checked if there was anything in it about binding spells and compulsions, not that he'd be able to pull off any such spell himself, but most of what he can find relates to increasingly long winded stories about fairy servants that make his eyes glaze over. It provides some insight into what Strange was trying to do that buried the Carnival in snow, at least.

... Although it is hilarious to imagine Strange trying any of that on, say, the Ringmaster.

In any case, there's no reason to have it taking up any more space in his trailer than it is -- though that's pretty empty and sparse as is. It's not difficult to find the magician: just have to follow the smell of smoke and crazy. He pushes into the big tent, tail waving behind him and book tucked under his arm, calling out:

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"Was I taken? No, I wasn't." Childermass was. And if pressed, Strange will tell Lambert that fact. That's common knowledge, after all, and Strange isn't going to lie about it (even if he realizes that poor Childermass is most likely going to get bothered by Lambert about all this nonsense).

"However, in the ensuing chaos of the Agents' attack on the carnival, I was shot." It's obvious where as, unconsciously, Strange sets the book down next to him on the bench and reaches up to rub his right shoulder, a nervous tic over anything else. "Obviously I've made a full recovery, but I wouldn't want to relive the experience."
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"Childermass," Strange simply responds, still unconsciously rubbing his shoulder. And that explains how he got caught off guard. Of course Strange wouldn't expect Childermass of all people to shoot him. Still, he feels the need to defend the man, to explain the circumstances, even if they both already know that Childermass in his right mind wouldn't even think of shooting Strange.

"He was one of the people who were kidnapped by the Agents—and don't ask me what they did to him, for I haven't the slightest clue myself." Of course Childermass wasn't going to talk to Strange about what happened in the Matrix. To start with, he was Childermass, wringing water from a stone was easier than wringing a conversation about himself. Even now Strange doesn't have any idea about what happened or the full extent of what the Agents did to him in the Matrix...just that it must have been terrible.
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"I don't remember—it was only a handful of people though. No more than four." But who those two to four people were, Strange has no idea. Sorry, Lambert!

But no, there's something else that he needs to point out first. It could happen again? What was Lambert talking about, the Matrix or people being possessed in general?

"I don't think it could happen again, though. At least, I doubt the specifics of the Matrix could happen again, not when we all know what to expect." Oh, someone different could come in and possess Carnival members or coax them to do dangerous things, that much was certain. People lost their resolve in the Celebration and, despite the fact that it's all gone now, Strange still has memories of that cursed potion he picked up in Atlantis whispering his name. But the Agents specifically? Most likely not. "I don't think they have the capabilities to cross realms the way that the Ringmaster or I can."
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"So far the main similarity between the two is that they're both 'digital.'" The word digital is said as if it's a foreign phrase. And really...Strange has absolutely no clue what the hell it precisely means to be digital. All he knows for certain is that it involves computers and he hates it. Granted, the likelihood that Lambert knows the ins and outs of digital is equally slim to none.

"Here's something that might help: the Matrix didn't have anything remotely like those game cubes that the Mainframe has. I don't think there was anything close to reaching that level of casual destruction."

Considering that Strange spent most of the first day in that blasted out game cube area (and any report that he submitted was pretty much solely what he learned about the game cube), it's obvious where Strange's priorities lied.
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Now that last question causes Strange to look over at Lambert with a little confused frown. Was that supposed to be noteworthy?

"Are you really surprised by that? If you've got a resource who can help out, you lean on said resource--especially if they do things you can't." Of course they're pretty happy to depend on the Guardian, just as the army was happy to depend on him in the peninsula. Merlin put out this building that's on fire, Merlin can't you do something about this door, Merlin we need the forest moved. He's not thinking about it or stating his words in a bitter tone, just something entirely too matter of fact.

"I suppose some things are universal to this world of 'programs' and our worlds of men."
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"I hope that isn't it," he chimes in, with a small smile. "Most of England might have forgotten the Raven King, but even today, the north hasn't. Up there, the name John Uskglass is treated with the proper reverence he lacks in London. There even remains some buildings that the Raven King built!"

It's obvious that Strange is about to go into yet another really nerdy and excited rant if Lambert gives him the opportunity to. He could talk about the Raven King and about English magic for hours on end, after all.

"England might have leaned too hard on Uskglass but parts of the land certainly appreciated him."
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Strange shrugs! "The Raven King vanished a few hundred years ago and that was after ruling for an equally long time. Anyone who knows what actually happened has been dead for ages--we can only take them at their words. To complicate matters further, only a handful of accounts have survived to my time and an even smaller handful are available to the public."

It's almost like another magician was buying up as many books about magic as he possibly could just to hoard them in his house like a miser. Still, the romanticism is a hundred percent apparent in Strange's voice as he continues talking.

"Personally, I also like to believe the first part really happened. I suppose though it doesn't matter how much of it is actually true, just how much of it people believe is true."
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"Not all that long—just a few years or so." It's said with a little shrug. No biggie, just a few years, he got this. Really, once Strange started writing, he pretty much just kept on writing until the book was done. His attention span is usually all over the place, but apparently not for this: not for his book.

Of course, the 'death' of Arabella only pushed him to get the damn things finished faster. He had to write it for her, after all.

"And I'm taking a bit of offense to you calling the Raven King a fairy tale. We've no idea where he went but he certainly was as real as you or I."
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Lambert's smirk is met with a small frown on Strange's end. He has to keep reminding himself that Lambert isn't from his world, that he only has a small glimpse of what England really is and only secondhand knowledge of secondhand knowledge about England's history. The Raven King is in their bones, in their magic, and has nothing to do with Lambert's. Of course the man would view him at a distance.

That still bugs the shit out of Strange, though. Of course he's worth the faith people have in him, why wouldn't he be?! He ruled over England, he was English magic to the point that when the Raven King left, so did magic. To not have faith in the Raven King is to not have faith in English magic itself. Strange looks at Lambert for a moment, passion burning in his mirrored eyes and body language, as if he's about to go on a tear about the Raven King, as if he's about to restart an argument he's had time and time again...before he pauses, takes a bit of a breath, and skips past the argument entirely. It's useless fighting with him about this, after all. Lambert could never understand.

"Well, I can say this much for certain: he's not showing up here tomorrow. After all, what king would willingly swear fealty to another?"

But God, how Strange wishes he would show up tomorrow.
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A little bit thankful that they've diverted the conversation, Strange leaps to talking about his wife with gusto. The ability to talk about Arabella? Uh, hell yeah he'll take it.

"Honestly, she was mostly glad that I was staying at home writing instead of doing something reckless," Strange can't help but admit, with a little laugh. From the peninsula to his exploring the King's Roads, poor Arabella has had to deal with so much nonsense from Strange, something which is probably hilariously unsurprising.

"Bell would have loved anything that kept me out of trouble, Raven King or not." And, like always, when he talks about Arabella, there's so much warmth and downright adoration in his voice. He misses her terribly.
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"The long and short of it is that she made me get a job." And, because he knows that won't be enough for Lambert, Strange continues, leaning back in the bench slightly as he does so. His voice is full of pride and passion, that adoration even more creeping into his voice as he talks about the two of them and their relationship.

"I've loved Arabella for quite some time. And, I had proposed to her for quite some time. The problem, of course, was my father. The man refused to let me take up occupation, seemingly content to let me rot away in idleness—something all the more awful as Arabella would not even entertain the idea of marrying me unless I took up a profession. Well, thankfully the bastard died not a few months later!" Said far too cheerfully for it's own good. Fuck you, dad.

"Once that happened, I knew all I had to do was find an occupation and Arabella would marry me. I tried all sorts of professions, but none stuck. That is, until I found a man under a hedge who told me a prophecy, sold me a spell, and told me I was a magician. I performed my first spell that evening."

Strange can't help but look a little puffed up, looking far too proud of himself. A magician who expertly casts the first spell he receives? Surely that was a sign of how powerful he was and how he was surely destined to be a magician! But no, back to Arabella, back to his beloved. "Not too long after that, we were married."
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That's it? That's Lambert's reaction to his big love story?

"Well what else do you want me to say?" Strange huffs, obviously annoyed that he sees the act of getting a goddamn job as something more romantic than Lambert does. "Do you want our history? Bell and I both grew up in Shropshire, though I was often out of town and staying with relatives, and I've loved her ever since I could realize what love was."

Or, at least, Strange convinced himself that he's loved Arabella since he could realize what love was. Because obviously he's loved her all his life, why would he even think about looking at another woman when Bell was there in front of him? She's absolutely amazing, has he told Lambert just how amazing she is? Maybe that's why he's confused, Strange probably hasn't sung the praises of Arabella enough.
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"Says the man who wouldn't know what romance is to begin with," Strange grumbles, with a roll of his eyes. Because yup, there's no use having Lambert of all people criticize him on his romantic gestures. Fighting off suitors, accomplishing tasks, those are all aspects of storybook romance, no real romance works that way. Besides, what would the man have him do, slaughter a monster to prove his love? Please.

"And most of my life was ordinary. I didn't discover my magic until I was well into adulthood, after all." It'd be a bit ridiculous trying to accomplish three impossible tasks as an ordinary human.

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