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some people are better at surviving than living

Who: Jonathan Strange & Lambert
What: Lambert drops off Strange's book and asks some questions about the Carnival's last visit to a digital world.
When: After the general presentation/intro to Mainframe!
Where: The Big Top
Warnings: Maybe references to previous violence? Anything is possible with these two!

After the meeting disperses, Lambert sees himself off to breakfast, then back to his trailer, Strange's presence having reminded him of the outstanding matter of giving the man back his book before he drops into Mainframe again. In truth, he hasn't read the book very thoroughly, just the parts of most interest -- anything with the Raven King himself, deals with Faerie, and those King's Roads Strange mentioned before. He also might have casually checked if there was anything in it about binding spells and compulsions, not that he'd be able to pull off any such spell himself, but most of what he can find relates to increasingly long winded stories about fairy servants that make his eyes glaze over. It provides some insight into what Strange was trying to do that buried the Carnival in snow, at least.

... Although it is hilarious to imagine Strange trying any of that on, say, the Ringmaster.

In any case, there's no reason to have it taking up any more space in his trailer than it is -- though that's pretty empty and sparse as is. It's not difficult to find the magician: just have to follow the smell of smoke and crazy. He pushes into the big tent, tail waving behind him and book tucked under his arm, calling out:

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Strange actually practices every now and then. And when he practices, it's in the Big Top. The area is fireproof and he's going to perform there anyway, might as well use it as a practice space as well. And, now that they were back in the Carnival and he could actually access his magic again, of course Strange is going to use it. He hated being apart from his magic, even if only for a little bit. The magic was too much a part of him now to even consider going back to something resembling normalcy.

So, when Lambert finds him, Strange is casting spell after spell, tossing them off as if it's the easiest thing in the world. Fireballs shoot off in the air, exploding as if they're fireworks. Occasionally Strange gestures to a burning piece of something and the dirt of the big top floor moves up to smother the flame out before it can grow. Strange is gesturing to whatever needs to be done as he continually mutters all the while. It's a giant cacophony of magic and Strange looks downright delighted.

Thankfully, he spots Lambert before he can hear him. With one last fireball-turned-firework, Strange stops casting the magic and instead turns towards his friend and boss, hands behind his back as he does so, as he gives Lambert a wild grin. Here, casting spells like this, it's the happiest Strange has ever been since they arrived at the Mainframe.

"Lambert! I assume you've come to watch me practice?"