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You know where to find me/For no particular reason

Who: Will Zimmerman & OPEN
What: Will is new to the carnival, come show him around. Or mess with him. Whatever.
When: Day 97
Where: Several places
Warnings: None yet

[Around the carnival]

Well, the first thing to do when you're in a new place is explore it. Especially since he was going to be working here and living here full-time for a while, it was definitely a smart idea to know how the Carnival was laid out.

He'd been through the public areas before, so of course the logical thing to do is to take a deep breath and start poking around behind the scenes, where casual carnival-goers weren't supposed to be. Anyone who sees him will get a friendly smile. "Hey! I was looking for where the animals are kept. I just got hired."

[Closed to Helen Magnus]

After some exploring, Will heads to the trailer park area. It doesn't take him long to find the trailer he was assigned to; it looked pretty small, but it was a trailer and he didn't exactly expect to have a lot of space based on that. Appearances could also be deceptive; he would have to see inside before he'd know exactly how much space he'd have.

Will hesitated a second before deciding to knock. He didn't know if he had a roommate yet, and just barging in wouldn't be the best way to start things off. He takes a step back, settling a friendly smile on his face as he waits to see if anyone will answer. He'll give it at least thirty seconds before he assumes no one's home.

[[Also if you want him anywhere else just hit me up or put it in a comment, I'm open to playing with anyone!]]
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"Ah yes, the eyes," she murmurs. "They've been getting steadily bluer since my arrival. I should hope they're about finished, if they get any brighter I won't need a flashlight." Helen wrinkles her nose at the thought. "They do glow a little, enough to be seen in the dark. I'm still getting used to my reflection in the mirror as it can be disorienting, to say the least. I am sure it will be for you as well."

She gives him a searching look.

"No other structural or mental changes than the eyes though. I've been doing my best to keep a log of them, just in case it's needed." That means copious, detailed notes.