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Jonathan Strange ([personal profile] kingsroads) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival 2017-05-14 02:49 am (UTC)

thanks ya jerk. :|

Strange has commandeered part of the table in his trailer as a desk. Papers are scattered over it and some papers have made their way to the floor. The papers cover a wide range of subjects: Strange writing things down as if a memoir, notes on the carnival's previous locations, information about the different sources of magic people here use, a list of books that he intends to request from the Ringmaster, and so on and so on. The notes Childermass is reading is the start of a Nightrunner report from the Mainframe which really just boils down to 'computers are awful and I hate them.' It's all a bit chaotic, except for one thing: his books, sitting neatly in a wooden crate turned bookshelf. There's a few books from Alola as well as his own book that Lambert had given him. Strange is just sprawled out on the bed. He hasn't even bothered changing into bedclothes and is wearing just a shirt and his trousers.

Unfortunately for Strange, when Childermass arrives, he's right in that awkward period where you're still asleep but just about to wake up. As such, when he hears Childermass's voice, the surprise jolts him up and Strange, without an ounce of dignity at all, tries to lean up to see just who it is, gets tangled up in his own messy bedsheets, and falls out of bed with a thunk. Whoops. At least that jolts him awake enough to realize oh, that's Childermass hating on his candles.

"I like candles," Strange can't help but grumble as he gets to his feet, clothes askew and hair even more all over the place than it normally is. "Besides, I share a trailer. It's only courteous to use candles in the evening if Lars wants to sleep."

The problem with that, of course, is Strange's absent-mindedness meant that he forgot to blow out the candles in the first place and one of them's burnt down to a near stub. Untangling himself from the sheets, Strange starts to walk towards some of the candles to blow them out, rubbing his head as he does so. Falling out of your bed hurts. "You could have at least knocked, you know."

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