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john childermass ([personal profile] atouts) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival 2017-05-15 02:42 am (UTC)

While Childermass was expecting to end up somewhere entirely different, certainly not in a trailer much less in a bed. On the bright side, he's only technically 'in a bed' for a few seconds, since there's some momentum still involved in stepping in and out of shadows like this and Helen is, sadly, up in a loft.

When the shadows covering the majority of it spit him out, it's out and right over the edge. While he does make a startled noise, it's a quiet one, more like mild surprise than actual fear as though to say 'oh, well, I appear to have gone out into empty air, that's somewhat annoying'. Mostly, he realizes it's also a good plan make a wild grab for that same edge he just went over instead of wasting it on actual, real screaming, so he does that.

The loft creaks wildly under the weight of a second person hanging from its edge like that, but it does mean he's not about to fall and break his neck just yet, right?

"...ah," Childermass will eventually say after a few more seconds of securing his grip, then he finally gets a moment to look around. "This is definitely not the cookhouse."

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