whattaprick: (quelle horreur)
Lambert ([personal profile] whattaprick) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival 2017-05-15 05:20 pm (UTC)

It's probably hilarious how utterly flabbergasted the witcher looks for a moment, using the hand that isn't holding on to the magician to shove his hair back out of his eyes so he can just stare incredulously at him, as if to confirm that yes, it really is Childermass who stepped in on his shower and yes, Childermass who just pulled him into a lake with him.

"What the fuck," he says again, slow and enunciated this time, even as Childermass grabs on to the branch above. Shock is quickly being replaced by irritation, if the red flush creeping up his neck even in the cool water is any indication. His arm flexes where he's using his strength and disbelief to keep Childermass suspended as his clothes take on more water -- a problem Lambert doesn't have, though he's experiencing some of his own.

"Are you crazy?! You could've killed us!" Unlikely since Lambert's a damn good swimmer, though still mildly possible in Childermass's case with all those clothes, the poor fuck. Turns out adrenaline fueled teleportation is only fun when your balls aren't shriveling in a cold-ass lake!

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