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I would have picked a quote about shadows [OPEN]

Who: Childermass & open.
What: Having finally gotten his shadow teleport spell to work, Childermass is trying to iron out just how to control the damn thing...
When: During the Mainframe stop, before Performance week.
Where: Around the carnival.
Warnings: n/a

i. all around the carnival

It's a whole lot of trial and error, it seems, this shadow magic, but at least Childermass doesn't anticipate ending up anywhere deadly as he goes from shadow to shadow, place to place. He's found early and late in the day works best, when the sun is forcing shadows to cast at an angle. Night time only deepens and darkens the entire world, which, in theory, you might expect to make it the easiest time of all, but there is such a thing as too many doors...

So, during these days before the carnival opens, it won't be uncommon to suddenly find a tall, somewhat dour-looking (exciting as messing around with magic like this is, he just isn't the sort to let on to that easily) Englishman abruptly existing where there hadn't been an Englishman — or anyone at all, for that matter — before! Look fast enough and you'll catch him moving like he's just stepped out of somewhere, though there's usually nothing but shadows and whatever is casting them behind him.

This could be inside buildings, the cookhouse, the Big Top, all around the forest—

ii. or in your trailer, any trailer at all

Or accidentally shadow-stepping straight into the closet in your trailer or maybe even the bathroom, if the lights been left off in there by some chance. There'll be a THUMP of Childermass walking directly into something — a broom, the shower curtain, whatever it is — and then a muttered curse of, "Oh, damn it. Not again."

And here he thought he was going to be better about this than Strange was...
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thanks ya jerk. :|

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Strange has commandeered part of the table in his trailer as a desk. Papers are scattered over it and some papers have made their way to the floor. The papers cover a wide range of subjects: Strange writing things down as if a memoir, notes on the carnival's previous locations, information about the different sources of magic people here use, a list of books that he intends to request from the Ringmaster, and so on and so on. The notes Childermass is reading is the start of a Nightrunner report from the Mainframe which really just boils down to 'computers are awful and I hate them.' It's all a bit chaotic, except for one thing: his books, sitting neatly in a wooden crate turned bookshelf. There's a few books from Alola as well as his own book that Lambert had given him. Strange is just sprawled out on the bed. He hasn't even bothered changing into bedclothes and is wearing just a shirt and his trousers.

Unfortunately for Strange, when Childermass arrives, he's right in that awkward period where you're still asleep but just about to wake up. As such, when he hears Childermass's voice, the surprise jolts him up and Strange, without an ounce of dignity at all, tries to lean up to see just who it is, gets tangled up in his own messy bedsheets, and falls out of bed with a thunk. Whoops. At least that jolts him awake enough to realize oh, that's Childermass hating on his candles.

"I like candles," Strange can't help but grumble as he gets to his feet, clothes askew and hair even more all over the place than it normally is. "Besides, I share a trailer. It's only courteous to use candles in the evening if Lars wants to sleep."

The problem with that, of course, is Strange's absent-mindedness meant that he forgot to blow out the candles in the first place and one of them's burnt down to a near stub. Untangling himself from the sheets, Strange starts to walk towards some of the candles to blow them out, rubbing his head as he does so. Falling out of your bed hurts. "You could have at least knocked, you know."
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As he blows out the candles, Strange turns back around to grump at Childermass some more about that whole randomly appearing in his trailer thing...only to find that he's alone. "Childermass?"

Huh. Childermass was there and now he wasn't. The obvious answer is that Strange must have either hallucinated him due to the madness or, thanks to his still sleepy state, simply mistook something else in the trailer for the other Englishman. Hopefully it's the latter over the former, mostly because Strange doesn't want to think of the possibility that he's suddenly started hallucinating Childermass. God, how horrible would that be, to have the other man looming over his shoulder for the rest of eternity. No, it must have been a dream.

Still, he's mostly awake and it's close to dawn so there's no point going back to sleep. Might as well start the morning routine earlier than usual. With a loud yawn, Strange turns back towards his bed, as he picks the bedsheets up from off the floor and starts to (badly) make his bed, turning his back to most of the trailer as he does so.
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As soon as he hears Childermass's voice, Strange just spins around, narrowing his eyes as he looks at the other magician. The bed's half made but it is straight up getting abandoned because again, Childermass is there where he wasn't before. He can tell he's waking up so the confusion caused by sleep theory is starting to lose ground. So that leaves...what? The man definitely was there and then wasn't, Strange is 100% sure about that.

"If it did cast fire, I'd simply conjure up some rain to put it out. I'm not that heavy a sleeper, after all, I'm certain I'd wake up if the trailer was burning." He takes a few steps closer towards Childermass...but as Strange's bare foot steps on a few sheets of paper, he pauses to bend down and pick up some of that mess, averting eye contact, but keeping the conversation going as if this is perfectly normal, ha ha, no problems at all, he certainly isn't hallucinating Childermass not in the slightest. "Besides, it wouldn't surprise me if the Ringmaster's put an enchantment on the trailers to make them fireproof."
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Darkness + Loft + Edge of Bed = First Impressions

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Sleeping really isn't Helen's forte, it never really has been. By the light of a small lantern, she has papers out, spread in neat piles, with her writing all over them. Research, observations, things of note and interest. Patient histories, even. Her bed is mostly in shadow as she moves to clean up her bed. Perhaps she can rest, even if sleep is hard to come by.

Helen is not expecting company and certainly not in her bed.
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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. Strange is instantly a bit more suspicious about all of this because this is the second time he's turned away and Childermass has vanished from his sight. If the man were to reappear, he knows what he'd do next: just stare at him.

Until then, might as well carry on the conversation. If he truly is hallucinating Childermass, then it wouldn't matter if the other man were actually here or not, would it. Strange is trying to keep his voice light, though there's an obvious hint of irritation at the fact that he can't figure this out at all.

"But back the candles. I found a few in glass jars the last time I borrowed some from storage. I'll use those next time—at least they'd be less likely to catch the trailer on fire." He sets the papers down on the table before looking around the trailer and getting an idea soon after. Walking over to the trailer's front door, Strange tries to open the front door. Hmm. The door's locked. And there's the telltale sound of someone trying to open a door that's locked. That's...good? It certainly means that whatever this is, if it is anything to begin with, it's not actually using the door.
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one of the worst starters i've ever written, enjoy the monster you've created

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This -- being able to rinse off the dust and sweat after a couple of hours of serious exercise -- is as far as Lambert's concerned the most incredible luxury the Carnival has to offer. If there's one thing about this place he's going to regret not being able to take back home? It's the modern plumbing. Maybe one day he should sit down with one of the engineers, figure out how this shit works, and how he can build something similar back in Kaer Morhen. Especially the heated water.

The Carnival's quiet in the morning hours, making it an ideal time to work through his drills -- he longs for a real target, shadow-sparring with his sword only goes so far -- and practice the little magic he has at his disposal. If the mushi incident has reinforced anything, it's that he can't afford to let himself get rusty. Though Mainframe's been harmless enough at first glance, who knows how quickly that can change?

Such are the idle musings running through his head as he ducks under the shower, scrubbing vigorously around his scalp and the base of his horns to rinse the shampoo clear. With the lights off, the darkness and the running water lend itself well to contemplation, eyes sharp enough to see what he's reaching for even in the greyed-out shadows. Lambert having no idea what shower thoughts are, he's oblivious to the realization that he's joined a grand tradition of navelgazing while going through his morning ablutions.

The witcher's moved on to speculating about what they'll be serving for breakfast when his medallion (which, naturally, he hasn't taken off) hums sharply against his chest. That's all the warning he gets before, abruptly, there's a body walking into him.

The sudden impact catches him off guard enough that when he tries to whirl and face whatever the hell has just showed up in his bathroom, his feet slip on the floor (okay, maybe showers aren't so damn great) and the attempt to grab his attacker just mostly turns into an attempt to grab whatever he can of them to keep upright, back slamming into the fixtures painfully enough to draw a hiss of pain.
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Yeah, Strange is starting to put the pieces together. As Childermass reappears, Strange narrows his eyes. Alright, this has gone straight into aggravating. He starts walking over to the man, watching him all the while.

"Do you plan on driving me even more mad?" Strange can't help but complain, still looking at perhaps-Childermass all the while, not breaking eye contact. He's at least got part of Childermass's nonsense figured time to figure out the rest.

Partly to verify that Childermass is here, partly out of utter spite, Strange reaches over and attempts to pinch the other magician hard on the arm. This isn't him being petty and spiteful at all! This is just Strange trying to verify that Childermass is physically here (after all, you can't touch hallucinations), it's certainly not the result of Strange just getting all the more annoyed at this in and out bullshit.
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The pieces fit themselves together with Childermass's last words. Teleportation through magical means. So did the other magician learned some of that magic as well! Honestly, Strange is more curious than anything else. What was he traveling between? How did he do it? What sort of spell did he use? That nosiness is coming out in full force.

"My writings would be even better if you showed me how you did it—with me watching this time, of course." He's trying his hardest to sound grumpy and to sound annoyed. After all, Childermass just messed with him for seemingly no reason. Logically, he should still be put out. But a little hint of wonder creeps into Strange's tone. If Childermass has managed to figure out some teleportation magic of his own, then of course Strange wants to see the results for himself.
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To an outside observer, of which there are thankfully none, the whole thing must seem a bit of a slapstick ballet -- Lambert reels back one way, only for the intruder to yank him another in his haste to step back, his hands tangled into the front of his shirt pulling him forward with the magician's momentum falling back into shadow.

The world tilts in a shadowy, watery blur as he makes the transition from steamy shower to comparatively freezing lake. The change in temperature has Lambert shouting -- or trying to -- but all it gets him is an explosive stream of bubbles up his mouth and water up his nose. Forcing his eyes open, he keeps one hand fisted into the fabric under his hand and kicks to the surface, pulling sodden magician along with him. Because of course it's got to be a magician.

He breaks the lake's surface, coughing and spluttering, hair in his eyes and water dripping off shoulders and horns as he fights to tread water with a hand still gripping hard into cloth; his tail swishes frantically, doing its best to help. Like fuck he's letting him go: he knows how this shit works, and if he tries to make another swift exit, well he's fucking wrong.

"Strange!" Lambert thunders once he gets his breath back, although he's still sounding a little choked. "What the fuck?!"

Who else would be as reckless as the man who's literally mad?
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"Dear lord," Helen says, already on her feet and finding a stool for the unfortunate man to stand on. "You're a bit off on your calculations if that was your intent. Here. A small drop to the stool."

In any other place, she would have had a gun in his face the second he materialised, here? Well. There are different rules to apply.

"I have you," she says, her voice level as she guides him to safety and then laughs softly. Shadows, mirrors, honestly, it seems a great deal like her favourite mirror-eyed magician. "I should think you'll be needing a strong cup of tea."
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When ten seconds pass, Strange is still thinking that Childermass will return any moment. When thirty seconds pass, Strange is starting to worry that he straight up got ditched. After a minute passes, Strange is entirely certain he got ditched. One scrying spell later tells Strange that Childermass is in the Big Top. Of course, the problem here is that Strange still isn't wearing any shoes, thanks to Childermass waking him up. So it's all swears and grumpiness from Strange's end as he puts his shoes on and tosses a vest over the shirt that he slept in.

He still looks unkempt as hell, but at least he's trying to look decent. Thankfully, Childermass has to wait for less than five minutes before Strange appears out of the mirror, complaining mostly for the sake of complaining. "First you wake me up, then you lead me on a chase?"

Still, the magic was impressive. And, now that he's seen the trick, Strange isn't so petty as to not acknowledge when someone's performed impressive magic--almost as impressive as the sort he performs on a regular basis! "I hate to admit it but your shadows are probably more practical than my mirrors. After all, there's always light."
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It's probably hilarious how utterly flabbergasted the witcher looks for a moment, using the hand that isn't holding on to the magician to shove his hair back out of his eyes so he can just stare incredulously at him, as if to confirm that yes, it really is Childermass who stepped in on his shower and yes, Childermass who just pulled him into a lake with him.

"What the fuck," he says again, slow and enunciated this time, even as Childermass grabs on to the branch above. Shock is quickly being replaced by irritation, if the red flush creeping up his neck even in the cool water is any indication. His arm flexes where he's using his strength and disbelief to keep Childermass suspended as his clothes take on more water -- a problem Lambert doesn't have, though he's experiencing some of his own.

"Are you crazy?! You could've killed us!" Unlikely since Lambert's a damn good swimmer, though still mildly possible in Childermass's case with all those clothes, the poor fuck. Turns out adrenaline fueled teleportation is only fun when your balls aren't shriveling in a cold-ass lake!
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Her eyebrows arch minutely and she laughs, shaking her head as she waves off the apology as unnecessary. Strange things are bound to happen in a magic carnival. He clearly hadn't meant harm.

"Well, it does make for an interesting introduction," she says, inclining her head. "Dr Helen Magnus, Changes specialist working with Zecora in Medical." She looks him over again and can't help but ask.

"You are a magician, then, in the manner of Mr Strange?"

Helen is going to make herself a cup of tea and in a very English manner begins to do so. It's a shame it's an electric kettle but it is what it is. Once it's ticking away, she sweeps her hair away from her face to turn her attention back to her guest.
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Swordsmanship perhaps isn't one of Allen's strengths. He intends to keep up with his training while working here in the carnival, regardless of his job as an entertainer. With hand-to-hand, he's great. It's swinging his hulking Sword of Exorcism that needs some fine-tuning. Sure, it's just as light as his own arm to Allen, but it's still difficult to be agile and quick with a broadsword.

This day, this hour, Allen puts to his sword. He spins, slices, and stabs through the forest one-handed, downing imagined enemies one after another; his left arm is entirely missing from his shoulder, a glowing silver cross with a dark circle around it stamped on the stump, which is prominently shown due to his muscle shirt.

He pivots on his heel, spinning with the sword for extra momentum, slicing through the air just as a man appears before him and directly in the path of the blade.

Allen only has time to yelp the beginning of a warning before his sword passes clean through the man. Allen's heart stops.

It leaves no marks, nor any sign it had passed through his body at all.

A handful of the most excruciatingly long seconds crawl by before Allen finds his voice. "A-are you okay??"

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