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"Thank you," Helen said, inclining her head to accept the compliment, her smile said she was absolutely pleased. Well done, Mr Holmes. She hummed in response to his description and stopped for a moment to warm her hands against her tea cup before proceeding.

"I can well imagine that having two sets of organs telling you what to see would be a rather disorienting experience."

Her hands were still nicely heated from the warmth of the cup as she studied his snout.

"Well, you most definitely have heat pits which accounts for the overlap in vision. I would probably say," she gently adjusted the angle of his head to get a better look, "that you are most definitely adjusting to a pitviper physiology. Your heat sinks' location definitely confirms that. Honestly, you should be able to consciously switch between the two if you have it overlaid."

Heled smiled then, taking her time to examine his colour and scaling while she was at it before she took a look at his eyes. Her expression remained one of someone going through an incredible amount of information all at once and then she broke into a brighter smile.

"Your eyes look good, nice and healthy, no cloudiness yet or blueness that might indicate a shedding period and your scales are absolutely lovely. Honestly, you're probably going to have to compartmentalise your vision in order to switch between the two," she said, cupping his face almost gleefully for a second. "Shall we give it a go?"

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