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William Sherlock Scott Holmes ([personal profile] thevictoriandetective) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival 2017-05-15 03:21 pm (UTC)

He did note that she took the extra step to warm her hands. It was unnecessary, only an extra step for his own comfort, and he found the gesture quite thoughtful. No one had actually inspected his, ah, changes, much less anyone with a degree, much less anyone with the right sort of degree. Sherlock was an expert in many things, but his knowledge of biology tended to be 99% concentrated on humans, therefore he did have unfortunate gaps when it came to figuring anything about whatever he was. Most of what he did know he'd learned from literally living it, through trial and error.

"Pit viper," he repeated, making a mental note to grab a book about them the next time they got to a world with a functioning book store or library.

"Shedding period? That sounds fantastic," he said wryly. Sherlock knew...vaguely...that snakes shed, but then again, this was the man that deleted information about the sun and solar system from his mind.

But what really got to him was the fact that she didn't seem to be at all bothered about what he looked like, and treated him no different than if he'd looked normal. As much as he complained about his body being only transport, he was bothered about his inhuman appearance. It was stupid, but he'd been called a freak for a long time before he turned green. Maybe she was being nice, but it made him feel a little better that she said his scales were lovely.

"Yes, why not?" A nod.

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