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Helen Magnus ([personal profile] promnibusanctis) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival 2017-05-15 03:50 pm (UTC)

"I assume your new biology will shed," Helen murmured, "since this does seem to be a magic triggered but also a very reptilian based change. If you start to feel itchy and your skin becomes drier than usual, do let me know. You'll need a place of higher humidity and probably a nice soak to aid with the shed. Think of it like getting too much sun and your skin peeling to make way for a healthy epidermis. That might be a more familiar image to hang onto."

She searched his face for a long moment and her face softened further. How many patients and friends has she sat with through the years who took that wry tone that meant so much more. Helen pulled her chair closer and sat neatly before continuing, her fingers laced around her cup once more. Experimentation could wait a moment longer.

"Sherlock," Helen said his name carefully, pointedly, "what you are becoming is not a monster, a curiosity, a freak, or something unnatural. If you prefer, you may use the terminology of my world. Abnormal and, if it helps more, I am an Abnormal myself even without my glowing eyes. Magic, genetics, or in my case, I injected myself with a rare pure sample of sanguine vampriris blood it is all a change."

Her bright blue eyes were steady and honest.

"I became something else, though it was not a vampire."

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