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Helen nodded as he spoke, letting him do so uninterrupted until it all came out. She looked him in the eyes and took his free hand, her fingers closing around his up until the webbing as if she could share her own fortitude. The silence was long as she sat there taking a moment, taking three.

"Nothing you have said is stupid," Helen said, her voice almost a whisper. "I was not the only one who took the blood. My fiance at the time was John Druitt, James Watson, Nigel Griffin, and Nikola Tesla all partook. John gained teleportation, James gained incredible intelligence, observation - not unlike yourself, Nigel was able to bend light around himself, rendering himself invisible for good or for ill."

Her eyes found Sherlock's again where they stayed.

"Nikola," his name came out with a slight catch. "Nikola's transformation was the most violent, painful, and it was done, he was a vampire. I sat with him through all of it as I worked with the others as well but for a long while, he saw only the monster in the mirror, the long daggered claws, jagged teeth, the hunger for blood, as beastial as any. But together, we found a way through it."

Helen laughed very, very softly.

"Nikola Tesla is a brilliant man, yes. But if anyone is an emotional idiot, it is him, not you. The man once attempted to revive sanguine vampiris, who, mind you, enslaved my earth for thousands of years. This on the ridiculous notion of ushering a golden age of peace. Both of us nearly died putting that plan down and blew an underground vampire city, population, queen, and all straight to hell."

She closed her eyes and shook her head.

"My point is that you and I will get through this together and if I have to extend my contract I will." Helen cocked her head slightly and offered him a wry smile.

"Ah. Your question." Helen brought her other hand around his free one and smile edged wider. "I am 275 years old."

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