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In a new light

Who: Sherlock and OPEN
What: New changes and video game munchies
When: Very late Day 97
Where: Cookhouse
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, suicide.

Dying made one hungry.

Sherlock was prone to being over dramatic, and would gladly tell anyone who inquired that yes, he was killed three times in the game and yes, for a second there he really thought he was going to end up nullified or actually dead. Being quite pleased that he wasn't a digital slug or dead, he found himself famished and in the mood for something dreadfully unhealthy and/or sweet.

Toby was exhausted and fell asleep back at the trailer (or was mad at him for thinking he really did die), so Sherlock was alone when he went to the Cookhouse.

He went to grab a basket of chips (fries) and a milkshake when it hit him. He'd noticed something strange with his vision when he came back, seeing faint blotches like if he'd looked in the sun for too long or something, but he assumed it had something to do with being in the game, some lingering side effect. He would only be worried if it remained for any length of time. What he didn't expect was a blast of orange and red when he looked into the kitchen.

He shut his eyes immediately, confused, and was shocked that he could still see it. He could see shapes of people, registering as different shades of red and orange, fading to yellow and green. The walls only mitigated some of it, he could see through them, too. It extended nearly as far as his natural vision, but faded into blank nothingness further on. It was heat. Obviously. He couldn't exactly see objects that didn't give off heat. But any heat residue left, was visible, like quickly fading handprints.

"Fascinating," he muttered, opening his eyes again. The effect was fainter coupled with his ordinary vision, giving a slight glow to anything that gave off heat. It was disorienting and off-putting and, quite frankly, neat.
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"Thank you," Helen said, inclining her head to accept the compliment, her smile said she was absolutely pleased. Well done, Mr Holmes. She hummed in response to his description and stopped for a moment to warm her hands against her tea cup before proceeding.

"I can well imagine that having two sets of organs telling you what to see would be a rather disorienting experience."

Her hands were still nicely heated from the warmth of the cup as she studied his snout.

"Well, you most definitely have heat pits which accounts for the overlap in vision. I would probably say," she gently adjusted the angle of his head to get a better look, "that you are most definitely adjusting to a pitviper physiology. Your heat sinks' location definitely confirms that. Honestly, you should be able to consciously switch between the two if you have it overlaid."

Heled smiled then, taking her time to examine his colour and scaling while she was at it before she took a look at his eyes. Her expression remained one of someone going through an incredible amount of information all at once and then she broke into a brighter smile.

"Your eyes look good, nice and healthy, no cloudiness yet or blueness that might indicate a shedding period and your scales are absolutely lovely. Honestly, you're probably going to have to compartmentalise your vision in order to switch between the two," she said, cupping his face almost gleefully for a second. "Shall we give it a go?"
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"I assume your new biology will shed," Helen murmured, "since this does seem to be a magic triggered but also a very reptilian based change. If you start to feel itchy and your skin becomes drier than usual, do let me know. You'll need a place of higher humidity and probably a nice soak to aid with the shed. Think of it like getting too much sun and your skin peeling to make way for a healthy epidermis. That might be a more familiar image to hang onto."

She searched his face for a long moment and her face softened further. How many patients and friends has she sat with through the years who took that wry tone that meant so much more. Helen pulled her chair closer and sat neatly before continuing, her fingers laced around her cup once more. Experimentation could wait a moment longer.

"Sherlock," Helen said his name carefully, pointedly, "what you are becoming is not a monster, a curiosity, a freak, or something unnatural. If you prefer, you may use the terminology of my world. Abnormal and, if it helps more, I am an Abnormal myself even without my glowing eyes. Magic, genetics, or in my case, I injected myself with a rare pure sample of sanguine vampriris blood it is all a change."

Her bright blue eyes were steady and honest.

"I became something else, though it was not a vampire."
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Helen nodded as he spoke, letting him do so uninterrupted until it all came out. She looked him in the eyes and took his free hand, her fingers closing around his up until the webbing as if she could share her own fortitude. The silence was long as she sat there taking a moment, taking three.

"Nothing you have said is stupid," Helen said, her voice almost a whisper. "I was not the only one who took the blood. My fiance at the time was John Druitt, James Watson, Nigel Griffin, and Nikola Tesla all partook. John gained teleportation, James gained incredible intelligence, observation - not unlike yourself, Nigel was able to bend light around himself, rendering himself invisible for good or for ill."

Her eyes found Sherlock's again where they stayed.

"Nikola," his name came out with a slight catch. "Nikola's transformation was the most violent, painful, and it was done, he was a vampire. I sat with him through all of it as I worked with the others as well but for a long while, he saw only the monster in the mirror, the long daggered claws, jagged teeth, the hunger for blood, as beastial as any. But together, we found a way through it."

Helen laughed very, very softly.

"Nikola Tesla is a brilliant man, yes. But if anyone is an emotional idiot, it is him, not you. The man once attempted to revive sanguine vampiris, who, mind you, enslaved my earth for thousands of years. This on the ridiculous notion of ushering a golden age of peace. Both of us nearly died putting that plan down and blew an underground vampire city, population, queen, and all straight to hell."

She closed her eyes and shook her head.

"My point is that you and I will get through this together and if I have to extend my contract I will." Helen cocked her head slightly and offered him a wry smile.

"Ah. Your question." Helen brought her other hand around his free one and smile edged wider. "I am 275 years old."
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"Of course I would do that for you," Helen said, "I'll stay until you're ready to leave, though who knows what either of us will look like then. I'm game." Her blue eyes were definitely teasing. "Besides, someone has to keep you mentally engaged, after all."

It was a challenge to that smirk of his.

"Actually," Helen said wryly, "one day, my ageing simply slowed to a crawl."
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"If it's my choice," Helen replied, nudging him with a gentle bump of her shoulder against his, "then you are just going to have to be stuck with me, which honestly, could be one hell of a challenge." Her eyes found his and stayed there for awhile as she thought.

"Arrogant, stubborn, closed-off, throws herself headlong into danger," she said as if listing off a patient's notes, "extreme micromanager with a tendency to tell no one about her activities - I suppose that sums me up and yet still doesn't manage to do me justice all at once."

She shook her head a little and shrugged.

"I was born in 1850 when Victorian England was humming along with all its bright promise. Unfortunately for me, I wasn't a man. Then again, unfortunately for England, I didn't care."
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"Only facts, people are distracting, too loud," she murmured almost absently. And there were the questions, those made her smile. "Ah, no but I wore pants at Normandy in a tank, sometimes but not in polite company until much later on, bouncy, terrible shocks, horrible more often than not - sewer systems were fantastic when they went in so yes, quite so, not really, and surprisingly, no."
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"Lonely. Intensely, incredibly lonely." Helen pauses for a long while as if looking back through Sherlock to the woman she had been as she shakes her head. "I manage, with help and without as the years pass. The advent of modern technology, as a scientist, was thrilling, inspiring. The world wars were horrifying, dangerous times, so much suffering. It was absolutely fascinating to watch the aviation industry from its infancy to the space race. How could it not be? So much progress in such a small amount of time, comparatively speaking."

She refocuses with the last question and can see his mind churn with so many questions his questions had questions about his questions, which lead to more questions until it became a flood of infinite questions and-- Helen takes a breath and cups his face between her hands as gently as possible.

"Hush, you're thinking too loud," she says, her blue eyes amused, "slow it down. Just because I can keep up with you doesn't mean its a race to the end of the universe. Hm? I'm not running anywhere."
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"I know," she said with an odd sort of smile. "It's in the way you jump from question to question until it's a tangle no one should be able to sort out, not one among the room but you. So, you talk to yourself and forget them because you know they can't see it the way you can."

Helen blinked at the intensity of it for a moment and pulled away but not away. She gestured lightly.

"I'd say this is a multiple cup conversation. Tea?"

Her smile wavered a little but she smiled nonetheless.

"Shall I call you Mr Holmes or Sherlock?"
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Helen took a mock bow for her minor mental feat but she could tell it was appreciated. Will would keep up with him as well, perhaps in a different manner. His ability to see the hidden in what might seem an ordinary world littered with red flags was extraordinary.

Sherlock it was.

She was bringing him tea after the milkshake, to warm him back up, and more for herself. Helen did the honours and brought cream and sugar out of habit before fixing her own cup.

"How is your vision, now?" she asked.
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"It's normalising then, for the most part," Helen surmised, mostly to keep a list in her mind, herself. "With infrared, it would, with it trailing off in cooler tones the further away from the heat it gets."

She settled at his elbow as she had before and leant back in her chair to enjoy her tea properly, without hurry or care, as if nothing outside their conversation really mattered at all. Helen took a breath and then smiled after a moment or two of contemplation.

"It sounds beautiful, Sherlock, but I find that most odd things are."
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"Don't be," Helen said as if there was nothing out of the ordinary about the fact that he'd just snatched sugar cubes out of the air with his, ah, the chameleon incident, that's where the tongue had come from. She half hid her smile in a sip of tea and then let out the tiniest half-laugh, almost a giggle.

"We mustn't waste the sugar cubes, after all."
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"Sugar cubes," Helen said while trying not to laugh anymore and really not succeeding, "are inanimate," she set down her tea lest she spill, "...let's hope they don't grow wings and prove us wrong."
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"If I ever need your tongue, I'll let you know. Especially if I see any winged sugar cubes," Helen said with a grin. He definitely a sweet tooth and that was something she'd remember.

"Ah, Sherlock," she added, "I did manage to find some Royal British Breakfast. It's back at my trailer if you can't wait, but yes, I agree completely. Tea should be acquired at any stop, really, and in sizable quantities."

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