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In a new light

Who: Sherlock and OPEN
What: New changes and video game munchies
When: Very late Day 97
Where: Cookhouse
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, suicide.

Dying made one hungry.

Sherlock was prone to being over dramatic, and would gladly tell anyone who inquired that yes, he was killed three times in the game and yes, for a second there he really thought he was going to end up nullified or actually dead. Being quite pleased that he wasn't a digital slug or dead, he found himself famished and in the mood for something dreadfully unhealthy and/or sweet.

Toby was exhausted and fell asleep back at the trailer (or was mad at him for thinking he really did die), so Sherlock was alone when he went to the Cookhouse.

He went to grab a basket of chips (fries) and a milkshake when it hit him. He'd noticed something strange with his vision when he came back, seeing faint blotches like if he'd looked in the sun for too long or something, but he assumed it had something to do with being in the game, some lingering side effect. He would only be worried if it remained for any length of time. What he didn't expect was a blast of orange and red when he looked into the kitchen.

He shut his eyes immediately, confused, and was shocked that he could still see it. He could see shapes of people, registering as different shades of red and orange, fading to yellow and green. The walls only mitigated some of it, he could see through them, too. It extended nearly as far as his natural vision, but faded into blank nothingness further on. It was heat. Obviously. He couldn't exactly see objects that didn't give off heat. But any heat residue left, was visible, like quickly fading handprints.

"Fascinating," he muttered, opening his eyes again. The effect was fainter coupled with his ordinary vision, giving a slight glow to anything that gave off heat. It was disorienting and off-putting and, quite frankly, neat.
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"Shall I stay then," she murmured, "until time immemorial, an ageless guardian until the human race itself passes on, further that perhaps? I suppose that gets a bit maudlin if I keep going down that route." Helen gave his hand a gentle squeeze as if to tell him to pay her no mind.

"I'm sure I will stay as long as possible, Sherlock. Even now, I find myself curious about the future and where Humanity itself, not to mention Abnormals, will go. I suppose, in my case, our dear friend said it best. Aequam memento rebus in arduis servare mentem." Remember when life’s path is steep to keep your mind even. Horace did have a point. And this path would be incredibly steep. Keeping herself even, well, that would be a challenge.

"I suppose I have been down stranger paths," she said wryly. "And I have been at many a precipice at so many points in my life that I cannot see much of an alternative than to keep time's beat."
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"Once more into the breach, dear friends," Helen quoted with a soft laugh. What was life but a struggle to survive each and every new day? "If you, my dear Sherlock, were in my shoes, I dare say you'd drive the whole of England mad with your adventures. Much as you do now, I suppose?" She turned her head with a slight quirk of her eyebrow.

Her fingers were careful against the curve of his hand, her thumb an absent brush against his knuckle as if she was still attempting to keep herself present. Or him. Or perhaps the both of them. It was a strange thing being so close to the past and yet still in an ever distant present.

"I can't say I see you in any hurry to retire to some country estate with your books and academia," she murmured. "Nor will I, for that matter." Her eyes lit with a soft but contained excitement. "I only wish I could show you my own world. I should think it would be quite the wonder to you, especially Hollow Earth."
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"Hollow Earth is filled with some of the most incredible Abnormals I have ever seen divergent offshoots of so many of the surface dwelling Abnormals that it's incredibly difficult to catalogue all of them. Massive fields of mushrooms with curative properties that we have yet to puzzle out. But really, it's the civilisation that's been built that's of interest. Imagine a world where there was no dark age, where progress continued unhindered while the surface floundered. There is a whole ecosystem down there rife for exploration, new species that could very well change the face of modern medicine as we know it. For Science itself, the benefit would be immeasurable," Helen said and her words carried her excitement.

"It took me one hundred and thirteen years to aid the construction of facilities worldwide, to provide a place of safety for all Abnormal life, to direct funding and support of a facility that combined the technology of the Praxian civilisation that inhabited Hollow Earth in a capacity much like my own to that of the modern era above. Building these ports of safety, these new Hollow Earth Sanctuaries, is quite possibly the best thing to have come out of my life."

She smiled at the Shakespeare and her laugh was a silent one.

"I cannot think of you as old," she said, her cheek pressing a little against his shoulder. Her voice felt as if it came from far away, from some other Helen. "It seems almost a ridiculous notion and yet--"

It made her feel ill in spirit thinking about it, that Sherlock Holmes himself would, too, age into an elderly man. It brought back immediate and painful images of James in his last moments. It still took her breath away and made her falter like a blow to her solar plexus. His was an absence she would grieve for the rest of her life and she thought of him more than she didn't.

"That is not now," she finished. "And you have a good many years ahead of you, I should hope."
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"Who knows," she said with a soft smile, "we're in a magic carnival. There are all sorts of possibilities." Helen was quiet for a long while, her touch and the way she'd leant against him almost conversation enough.

"Always hope," she finally murmured.

Always hope until the bitter end and fight and fight and fight.
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"I generally do and often," Helen said quietly and then laughed just as quietly. "It's not so much your world that's the interesting part. It's how you relate to it, how you solve crimes and cases the way you do. I would be fascinated by you and by those who come into and out of your life in any world."

She closed her eyes.

"Just the one?" she asked softly. "That's a shame."