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In a new light

Who: Sherlock and OPEN
What: New changes and video game munchies
When: Very late Day 97
Where: Cookhouse
Warnings: Mentions of drugs, suicide.

Dying made one hungry.

Sherlock was prone to being over dramatic, and would gladly tell anyone who inquired that yes, he was killed three times in the game and yes, for a second there he really thought he was going to end up nullified or actually dead. Being quite pleased that he wasn't a digital slug or dead, he found himself famished and in the mood for something dreadfully unhealthy and/or sweet.

Toby was exhausted and fell asleep back at the trailer (or was mad at him for thinking he really did die), so Sherlock was alone when he went to the Cookhouse.

He went to grab a basket of chips (fries) and a milkshake when it hit him. He'd noticed something strange with his vision when he came back, seeing faint blotches like if he'd looked in the sun for too long or something, but he assumed it had something to do with being in the game, some lingering side effect. He would only be worried if it remained for any length of time. What he didn't expect was a blast of orange and red when he looked into the kitchen.

He shut his eyes immediately, confused, and was shocked that he could still see it. He could see shapes of people, registering as different shades of red and orange, fading to yellow and green. The walls only mitigated some of it, he could see through them, too. It extended nearly as far as his natural vision, but faded into blank nothingness further on. It was heat. Obviously. He couldn't exactly see objects that didn't give off heat. But any heat residue left, was visible, like quickly fading handprints.

"Fascinating," he muttered, opening his eyes again. The effect was fainter coupled with his ordinary vision, giving a slight glow to anything that gave off heat. It was disorienting and off-putting and, quite frankly, neat.
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She had been waiting in the cookhouse mostly because she had been dying for a cup of tea and the infirmary had remained empty for quite some time. Her radio was with her, however, should the need arise for her services. If there was one face she was looking forward to seeing, it belonged to Sherlock Holmes.

"Mr Holmes," Helen said quietly at his mutter as she held a cup of tea in her hands approximately a table and chair to his left. With the way he was reacting, she went for the obvious.

"Something new?"

Given his absence, she had gathered that he had been in the mainframe when the game cube had descended. It made the most sense. Helen had her own first change in the fact that her eyes were a striking, incredible blue, the kind that gave off a soft glow in the dark. Even now they were quite vivid. Helen was still startled when she caught her reflection in the mirror.
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Will was still getting a feel for the lay of the land, though thankfully the place was small enough that he could already get around without getting lost. It was pretty easy, really; if you get to the woods turn back, and the cookhouse was in the middle of everything. Speaking of which, he was getting pretty hungry, and it was always a good idea to eat when things were calm. You never knew when an emergency might pop up. Plus, running on a full stomach made you slow.

He gives the lizard-guy a curious glance before switching his attention to the food. Will considers his choices for a moment, rubbing the back of his left pointer finger under his chin for a moment. He's just settled on and is reaching for a burger with that same hand, when the lizard-guy mutters the word.

Will pauses for a split second, not really certain what to do, before deciding that if the guy doesn't want him butting in, he can say so. It is kind of weird that the guy was still standing there just holding the food, now that he's actually looking at the guy. "Uh... are you ok?"

His clothes mark him as from the 21st century, and his accent marks him as American, or at least from the continent of North America. Other than that he's a perfectly ordinary specimen of human male.
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Jimmy was still making the rounds for dishes, this time partially masked by a wave of heat coming out of the kitchen. But he's still carrying the same tub, still sweeping for forgotten dishes, with Pea keeping a watch by the trash bins to make sure people threw things away properly, and not shamelessly begging for handouts with brutal abuse of the 'puppy sad now' face.

He shouldn't be surprised that Sherlock is still eating terribly, but after everything, Jimmy can't fault him for splurging on snacks this time. So he opts instead to head over and see how he's doing.