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石田 ヤマト ([personal profile] walkonedge) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival 2017-05-17 02:22 pm (UTC)

DAY 99

[ The day after the whole Game Cube happens, he's exhausted. It's for a couple of reasons, one, he's never really been a fighter aside from the occasional brawl or punching his best friend in the face. Gabumon mostly did all the fighting for him, in all honesty.

Two, the move that did him in was magical lightning strikes, and his Rebooted form had a body made of metal. It doesn't take much of a genius for anyone to figure out that he died a horrible death in the Game, which is why the minute that he'd revived after the whole Game had concluded, he'd dragged himself back to the Carnival and slept. For a Long Time.

The edge of the lake is always kind of where he defaults to hanging out when he wants to just rest - it's probably a leftover habit from the Digital World and Japan isn't exactly a place where there are a lot of lakes around. Plus, it gives him some kind of open space to tinker with his harmonica without worrying about whether he's disrupting the sleep of the other people in the Backyard.

... So yeah, Gon, have a drenched Yamato peering at you while he pushes his hair out of his eyes so that he can figure out what the hell just cannonballed into the lake and soaked him from head to toe. ]

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