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Who: Carly, and YOU
When: The day of the Ringmaster's Request/the next two days after (Note your preference!)
Where: Carly's Trailer, & the Tailor's workroom
What: FITTING TIME! And Costume Practice! Oh boy. (maybe some dreamcatcher work here and there too)

[For the SHOW! | Carly's Trailer]

[Something that Medli might have caught sight of on her first evening in the Carnival, before it eventually became covered in various piles of clothes, Carly's sewing dummy shows just a little bit of wear once it's cleared from the stash. It's pulled out relatively often now that she's a tailor, but the times she gets to really make use of it are slim even now.

Mostly because people are So. So much better.

Alright! [It could be anyone that she's talking to. Her roommate. Her roommate's friends. Her own friends. Some combination of the three. Anyone!

But now that she's invited you in, it's time for just one thing.
] So what kind of thing did you have in mind to try!

[It's on the Clock | Tailor's Work Room]

[As comfortable as she is with working in her trailer, Carly's workplace at the end of the not her trailer. Instead it's back in the work room for the carnival's wardrobe crew, with rows and rows of costumes and fabrics and various supplies necessary to get from point A to point EYY. For the moment, she's working in silence; she's relatively alone when she works at things in this little corner, and it means things get done. Maybe she's working on your costume?

Or maybe you have a request...

[...Sometimes | WILDCARD]

[...Or maybe, just maybe, she's not working at all. Whether in her trailer, in the work room, or even the dining hall, Carly seems to frantically be trying to weave string around a hoop while adding a few of her down feathers (shiny and glowing) to the mix.] Mmmnh...hmnnnn, that doesn't look right at all....

[The announcement to make dreamcatchers wasn't long ago at all though, was it?

What could possibly have her working at these so frantically?!
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[If none of them look right to Carly, then clearly she won't mind as one of her discarded dreamcatchers get nicked right through the use of magic, shadows collecting around it before zooming to the dark corner that the caster has himself secluded in.

Oh. It's the boy in the tunic.

How fun for her. Not that Shadow will care as he examines the thing carefully. Beforehand he's taken a good look at some others that people have submitted and they don't seem too difficult as long as he doesn't put much effort, such as only doing them by hand.

Carefully he starts unraveling back into its individual pieces with the same shadows that waver around it.]
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Hm, well you caught on faster than I thought you would.

[Shadow doesn't shift his gaze from the disassembled dreamcatcher though. Bit by but and yet also all at once, he uses his magic to resemble it into something that seems better if the ones he's seen for delivery to the Ringmaster were examples to go by.

What a cheater.]
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Starting to wonder just how petty you think I am.

[He neatly dodges that before tossing over to the woman his work. Shadow honestly thinks she should stop jumping to conclusions like this. It didn't look like she wanted the thing anyway.]

I'm just practicing for when I put together the real thing.

[Well. Five. Maybe more.]
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It's not going through your things when it was right next to you.

[Besides, look at what he did with just a bit of "cheating". The string is rearranged into a simple triangular pattern and the feathers hang symmetrical from each other.]
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You were gonna get it back anyway, it's not like this is that hard for me.

[He's just gonna now pull out the bag of materials he gathered up out the kitchen area. See, proof. And honestly the bird lady is boring so he even starts putting together something with his own personal touch with his powers. The shadows are malleable things that bend to his will, they grip and manipulate string and beads to whatever arrangement he can imagine.

Which in this case is an eye, just to show off.]
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Hey when there isn't work to be done, I get bored.

[And it's really nice to not have work to do, unless it involves stealing stuff. Especially if there's a challenge involved with it.]

And it doesn't seem like you're getting anywhere in making a good one of these anyway.
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[And he casually shoves the bulk of the endless tasks to someone else. Maybe he'll stop that, maybe he won't. c+Considering that being promoted to a supervisor won't come without effort to him unfortunately.]

Oh well you know, snatching stuff for the carnival as needed... things here and there for the carnival. The place isn't bad, I'll admit.

[After finishing up that first tone rather quickly, Shadow pulls out more for a second, thinking carefully on what he wants to do despite how simple they are.... it's gonna be the Triforce because why not honor a certain someone of the royal family?]
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[He sure didn't explicitly say thievery was his only job, but he's not telling right off the bat.]

Didn't say it was.

[And with shadows that can grab and bend as he pleases, the boy has two dreamcatchers that seem well and good enough to hand over to the Ringmaster.]

What do you do?