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Who: Carly, and YOU
When: The day of the Ringmaster's Request/the next two days after (Note your preference!)
Where: Carly's Trailer, & the Tailor's workroom
What: FITTING TIME! And Costume Practice! Oh boy. (maybe some dreamcatcher work here and there too)

[For the SHOW! | Carly's Trailer]

[Something that Medli might have caught sight of on her first evening in the Carnival, before it eventually became covered in various piles of clothes, Carly's sewing dummy shows just a little bit of wear once it's cleared from the stash. It's pulled out relatively often now that she's a tailor, but the times she gets to really make use of it are slim even now.

Mostly because people are So. So much better.

Alright! [It could be anyone that she's talking to. Her roommate. Her roommate's friends. Her own friends. Some combination of the three. Anyone!

But now that she's invited you in, it's time for just one thing.
] So what kind of thing did you have in mind to try!

[It's on the Clock | Tailor's Work Room]

[As comfortable as she is with working in her trailer, Carly's workplace at the end of the not her trailer. Instead it's back in the work room for the carnival's wardrobe crew, with rows and rows of costumes and fabrics and various supplies necessary to get from point A to point EYY. For the moment, she's working in silence; she's relatively alone when she works at things in this little corner, and it means things get done. Maybe she's working on your costume?

Or maybe you have a request...

[...Sometimes | WILDCARD]

[...Or maybe, just maybe, she's not working at all. Whether in her trailer, in the work room, or even the dining hall, Carly seems to frantically be trying to weave string around a hoop while adding a few of her down feathers (shiny and glowing) to the mix.] Mmmnh...hmnnnn, that doesn't look right at all....

[The announcement to make dreamcatchers wasn't long ago at all though, was it?

What could possibly have her working at these so frantically?!
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I activate the trap card Ear Modifyer!

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[He wasn't really sure about this. For one thing, his jackal ears - and Yuugi was certain they were jackal, recalling a picture of an Egyptian jackal that his grandfather had shown him once when trying to explain the Egyptian gods - were slightly on the sensitive side when they were touched. In fact, they flick back when he goes to scratch at the base, almost like a dog. It's strange how they've almost got a mind of their own sometimes.

The question makes him hesitate a little before his hand falls back and he scratches the back of his neck, looking a mite sheepish.]

Ah...I just realized I, um, don't really have any clothes other than my school uniform.

[He swallows, Adam's apple bobbing behind his collar.]

And...I was kind of wondering if you had anything for these?

[He gestures to his ears, which twitch forward.]
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yes the trap card!!

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[He blinks before he understands, realization dawning before he lets out a slightly nervous giggle. Yuugi doesn't think too much about it, instead choosing to shake his head before pausing.]

Well I guess everyone here would know my age so...there's no point in wearing my uniform.

[Or at least he hoped they would. It was impossible, but he had grown a few inches before Atem left. Who knew? Maybe if he got dog ears here, the carnival would grant a few more extra inches. His ears perk forward when she says that, though, brightening.]

Ah, that's good. For a moment I was worried that I might be a bit out of place...
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[Completely deadpanned;]

Do you have any idea what it's like to have everyone believe you're in elementary school right through until your final year of high school, even when your age is listed on almost every dueling website and known by most of the media?

[Being under 5 foot in height sucked. He sighs, reaching to scratch over an itch at the ridge of an ear. No, no she didn't. Yuugi's cheeks flare a bit redder.]

Sorry. It just gets a bit frustrating. That's why I wore my uniform; because it has my year number on the collar. See?

[Lifting the collar of his jacket, there's a clear, thick silver III on the outside, before he drops it to nod enthusiastically.]

Thank you!
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Oh! W-well in that case don't rush yourself. [He tilts his head with a shrug.] I wore it the whole time during Duelist Kingdom, it won't be a big deal if I have to for a few more days.

[Though...there was the problem about it getting smelly. Still, he scratches his cheek.]

Ah...if you could, maybe some nightclothes for now? I'd sleep in my underwear roommate's a girl...

[Not that Chiaki would probably notice, but he didn't quite want to risk it.]

Though I suppose it's good to think about what I want to wear...
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W-well, of course I will! It'll if I have something to wear in the meantime.

[Yuugi shifts from foot to foot, tilting his head as his hands went to cup at his torso, before pulling them away. Then, curiously;]

What do the Nightrunners do?
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[That makes Yuugi blink, rocking back and forth on his heels as he watches and waits for instructions, beaming.]

That sounds so cool! Does that mean you ride something like Yuusei-kun's bike?
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Still...that's really cool.

[He lifts his arm for her, smiling before going crosseyed trying to look up at his ears.]

I wonder if I'll get wings...
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Huh...I wonder why that is?

[He tilts his head, pursuing his lips together before reaching with his free hand to push his hair away. It's a little more limp than usual, which he makes him grumble as his ears fold against his head.]

Stupid hair.
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Well, no?

[Yuugi can't help but raise an eyebrow before he giggles.]

The black is. And these.

[He reaches to play with his limp blond bangs, humming.]

Dad gets in trouble because he keeps having to cut it short for meetings, and the blond always grows back first. But the purple is just my thing. Grandpa spikes his hair too.


You mean Yuusei-kun's is natural?

[There's no way!!!]
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Eheh...yeah, I know. But I was doing a lot of that already before...

[Before Atem, is the thought, but Yuugi quickly recovers. If he faltered he hopes she doesn't notice.]

Before Battle City. I...guess I was afraid...I mean, I hid myself so I would fit in.

[It's kind of ironic now, considering he feels more comfortable. His brow furrows when she answers his question about Yuusei-kun, pursing his lips together.]

Huh. I guess I'm a bit jealous but...what's Satellite?
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[His brow furrows when she says that, looking a bit puzzled before he realizes what she means. It's not like Yuugi is blind, but, well...he scuffs his sneaker against the floor.]

Um...we didn't really have time to talk. I guess I kind of assumed...

[He shakes his head.]

I had no idea.