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Susan ([personal profile] wild_magic) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival2017-05-15 11:29 am
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dumb boys still being dumb

Who: Susan & Lauren
What: Susan has his magic back
When: Forever ago (Day 86ish)
Where: Their trailer

It had been two weeks, now, since the Ringmaster took his magic. Exploring the islands and playing with Zap helped him to stay occupied and not think too much about it, but not having it was still really off-putting. Lauren had said maybe it was only temporary, but still... It was hard to think positively with something so important missing.

...But, it seemed Lauren was right, and near the end of the Alola trip, his magic returned. Just feeling it around him again, being able to manipulate the magic to do what he wants... It's as natural as breathing, and now that it's back, everything feels right again.

He wants to tell Lauren as soon as it's back, but... what if he just showed him, instead?

And so that's why, when Lauren comes into the trailer after his performances that day, he'll find everything seemingly normal, except for a random chest on the counter, with Susan and their various assorted animals nowhere in sight.

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