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Who: Susan, Lauren, and Carly
When: Day 10
Where: the costume tent
What: Susan and Lauren have a quest.

Susan wasn't entirely sure if the costume tent would have what they were looking for, but it seemed the most logical place to look. If they could make flashy costumes for people to perform in, then something like a "t-shirt" would probably be easy, right? That's what he hoped, at least, since otherwise it seemed that Lauren wouldn't be getting his staff back any time soon...

Plus, even if they didn't find what they were looking for, Susan was excited to check the place out. He's explored a lot of the carnival, but not everywhere yet, and so he's definitely looking forward to it as he runs ahead of his brother as they head towards their destination, his familiar trailing behind with Lauren.
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Lauren is less excited, in fact, he's totally dreading this entire search. He isn't looking forward to explain what they need or why. Fortunately he trusts Susan to do most of the talking. Unfortunately, Susan says embarrassing shit sometimes. He comes into the costume tent with a grimace.

"Uh, hello?"
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With how much time has passed since that evening, it's not surprising that Carly would...forget the sound of Lauren's voice. Especially since she's hearing it over the churn of a sewing machine that really deserves more of her focus. As it is-her shadow stares from beneath the chair, and Carly herself answers without looking up.] Over here..!

The other tailors are out, so if you need anything, I'm back here!
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Lauren isn't interested in their surrounding. He just wants to get this stupid quest done and over with. He rolls his eyes, but doesn't say anything as he follows his brother deeper into the tent. That's when he sees Carly and he freezes.

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Well, whoever is with the first one sounds excited, so that's good right? The sewing machine stops, and Carly stands up from the chair to turn and greet them, a large smile on her face. "Okay~ How can I he-"

..........................oh it's you

"AHHH! What are you doing here..!?" she practically screeches, feathers ruffling when she recognizes the other. "You didn't even write me back!"

Of course this is her biggest problem.

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He ignores his brother for the moment in favor of staring awkwardly at the floor.

"I didn't know what to say..."
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"Of course I did!" Well at any rate, it's easier to talk to Susan right now thanks to all of this. "He wrote me one 'apologizing' for what he said at the party..." she begins to explain, sadness in her voice before the woman turns back to Lauren.

"...Only to finish with the fact that he couldn't even tell why I was upset!" An accusing huff is what finishes her words, and she's only barely keeping herself from stomping the floor. "So I said, of course I was upset! He called me a coward, or even evil..! And I'm not! Being dead doesn't make you any of those things, it just means there was something you had to come back for..!"

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Lauren glares at Susan, but says nothing to contradict him.

"I didn't know you were undead when I said those things..."
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"That's not an excuse!" On the bright side, she seems to be ignoring the comment that it's fine, 'he's just dumb'.

On the not so bright side... "You shouldn't judge people like that at all, especially not here! Even if it really is the way things are wherever you're from, that doesn't mean anyone here would be the same..!"

There is a pause-before she looks to Susan almost hurt. "...What do you mean, 'like me'? We're just people..."
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"Susan!" Lauren says, sharply, not feeling like listening to his brother share their past with someone else yet today. He steps forward, putting a hand on his other shoulder. He still isn't looking at Carly, too embarrassed at even having to deal with this situation.

"I am sorry." he doesn't know what else he can do to convey that, but he means it honestly. He just wants to get out of here. Apparently coming to the costume tent was a bad idea.
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It's very hard to keep calm, in a situation like this. How Susan is managing, she doesn't even know. All she can say is- "...I'm just dead. ...A 'Dark Signer', brought back from the moment I died, for something important...but that shouldn't matter..!" she protests, shaking her head.

"...You said you're sorry-but then you say 'you didn't know', when it shouldn't matter anyway..! Because I won't be the only one you say that to, then!"

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He's angry that she's still upset. He doesn't understand why she's making a big deal out of this. At the same time he's angry at himself, not being able to convince her he's sorry, for being unable to say anything more, for not responding to her later. Then there's shame, that he's hurt someone that hadn't wronged him and that he's angry at her for honestly expressing herself. He doesn't know what to do or how to make this right or what the right thing to do even is! He's just so sick of this place and these people and not being able to understand any of it.

His grip on Susan's shoulder is tight. His other hand clenches into a fist. He wishes he had his staff if only so he had something else to focus on, but he doesn't. The worst part is what she's most upset about is that he'll hurt others, but he already has, and he still wasn't completely sure he was in the wrong in attacking them either.

"I'm trying my best."
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He is trying (in a number of ways, she thinks), but somehow the words still make her deflate. While she's still somewhat huffy at the least, the younger one is also trying, and, well.

...She can't ignore that.

"...At least tell me why." The woman swallows, and goes on. "...You sounded so sure, about those things... ...At least tell me why."

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He sees Susan's look, as much as he wishes he hadn't. He doesn't want to tell anyone what happened, he shouldn't have to. It isn't important! Still, if he made her cry he guessed it was sort of the least he could do. He sighs, crossing his arms in front of himself.

"Our parents were killed by ghouls."

There, he said it, and he has no desire to elaborate on that point and so that's all that needs to be said. He has officially done his part. In fact, he turns around, facing the exit of the tent, just to make it perfectly clear that he was totally done with conversation.
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"A... ...A ghoul..?"

Rather unfortunately she has no idea what a ghoul is. "Is that like...um...." She frowns, pondering for a moment. "A vampire?" They just came from the vampire war, after all-and...well, it wasn't parents that were lost, but having been with and gotten close to so many with the Carnival, it certainly felt as if members of the family were killed in that fight.

...It wouldn't be the same, but it had to be worth something, she thinks.

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Fuck this shit. It isn't even worth it. Lauren just walks away and leaves the tent.
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"Th-That's still going to end in the same thing though..! I-"

And now Lauren is moving to leave, before they can even start to try and sort things out like adults. Or something.

Realistically Susan will probably still have claim on that, but all the same.

...She wants to at least try. "W-WAIT..!"

Shouts are feeble, futile things, but with her eyes scrunched tight and her body tense, her magic reacts nonetheless-before Lauren can leave the tent, a wall of violet flames sparking orange spring up, giving off no heat yet leaving a foreboding and pressuring air with proximity all the same.

"...Ah." That wasn't supposed to happen.

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For his part, Lauren steps back instantly at the sight of the flames. His first thought to protect Susan, he turns again to face Carly, desperately wishing he had his staff. She doesn't have a weapon, and she doesn't seem to be advancing, but still.

"Susan." he calls, hoping his brother gets the point and steps away from whatever Carly calls herself. Dark Signer, Undead, it didn't matter. She clearly could not be trusted.

"If you're smart you'll back down now before anybody gets hurt."

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