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It's a dangerous business, going out your door.

WHO: Jimmy Novak and everyone.
WHAT: Orientation, changes, and wandering during breaks.
WHERE: Trailer #12 or various locations around the Carnival.
WHEN: The day after his arrival. (D33-ish.)

The first day on the new job was always overwhelming. So much information thrown at you that it was hard to keep track of it all. Trailer, clothes, kitchen, grounds.... It all blurred together into one giant mess of light and sound. It was better during the day, but that wasn't saying much. It was still a lot to take in.

And the new additions didn't make things any easier. The horns he could kind of live with (mostly by hiding them under a hat) but the ears were going to drive him bonkers. They twitched. Constantly. Picking up different things and giving him randomized surround sound, with a new focus point picked every three seconds or so. He was about ready to go grab a knit cap from somewhere just so the damned things would stay still. But all in all, he could deal. His face hadn't turned into a giant all-consuming maw, and he was still driving.

He was calling it a win.

Now he's showered, dressed, and stuffing the ears under a cap after all. The first day was his to get the lay of the grounds and stop by the kitchens to check in with Head Cook Babic. He starts off reminding himself to Keep an open mind. and that gets amended with And for the love of God, don't stare. shortly after seeing some of the transformations among his co-workers.
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"It always seems there's more to do," Zecora commented to herself as she strode on up, the better to offer him an obsidian hoof to shake.
"Hello and welcome! You must be new."
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"Zecora is what I am called," she said, returning the shake very carefully. Her hooves, ever since they had become volcanic stone, were sharp.
"And please don't be appalled.
As strange as it all may be
It is quite pleasant, you'll see!"
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"Over time, the magic air
Finds its way everywhere.
Some change less, some much more
But everypony shifts, that you can't ignore."

The question was very fair, and Zecora didn't mind answering it. She had been uncomfortably surprised with that fact herself.
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"I think when you at last leave here
It will wipe the changes clear."

Not that she had proof, but it fit in with the other things she knew -- primarily that you went back to when you came from.

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[Gongenzaka...is pretty big. Granted, height wise he's only about a foot taller than he's used to...

But 7 foot with that much bulk is. Pretty big.

Something that big takes a lot of food, especially when they like to keep active and fit too, so running into him on the way to the kitchen? Pretty easy. ..Staring?

...Woefully, it is probably even easier.
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[The best part of that?] No, it is fine; I, the man Gongenzaka, am quite unharmed... [He's actually younger than Sam.

Not that he sounds it.
] Mn, however, I should ask you if that is the case for yourself as well; are you alright, yourself?
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[Well, that's good then...There is a sigh of relief from the great fanged 'thing', and though it takes a moment (and an instinctive start to a bow), he offers his own hand to shake.]

Gongenzaka Noboru; a pleasure as well, despite the 'run-in'..!

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Staring won't be as much of a problem when it comes to Childermass. He looks normal enough yet, his changes not so obvious, not so physical. Silver really isn't a typical eye color, for example, but beyond that, he appears quite human, albeit a very tired human. Maybe that makes him the odd one out. Who knows.

In any case, he's hanging out in the kitchens when Jimmy shows up, even though he doesn't look at all the part of someone who should be working back there, dressed rather old-fashionedly as he is. He's really only back there to pocket something to eat before taking off who knows where else, although he'll pause in his pantry raid when Jimmy walks in.

When it turns out not to be the head cook, however, he'll finish grabbing an apple and shut the cupboard.

"Haven't seen you back here before," is what he says in place of any greeting.
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Definitely not homeless, also not at all inclined to be shooed off by someone he is guessing is trying to get through their first day. Sure, it'd be a kindness to give him no trouble, but, no. Sorry, Jimmy, he's going to lean casually against the counter under the same cupboards he'd snagged the apple from instead of doing anything like leaving.

"Oh, I doubt she'll go that far on someone so new," he says, unperturbed at the thought of the head cook doing, well, whatever. It's not that he thinks she couldn't if she really wanted to, but really. Nail their asses to a wall? He raises his eyebrows at him. "You are, aren't you? New to the carnival?"
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"Most the people who would notice aren't like to care," Childermass replies, about as inclined to move as he was to leave (which is to say, not at all). "Though if you are so worried, I'll set them right about my being here. It can hardly be considered your fault."

If he's going to be a pain, he'll at least be a fair one. This time, anyway. Next time, Jimmy might not be so lucky.

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It's during one of those moments where Jimmy just can't help staring at someone- or rather something about someone- that he'll hear a quiet laugh from not too far off. The perpetrator isn't one of the strangest folks in the carnival, but that's not saying much considering he still has plenty to him such as a pair of large feathered wings folded behind him.

"If ya keep gapin' like that, the whole carnival is gonna know yer a newcomer sooner than not," Joker say with a dry grin, looking maybe just a little ragged from the running around he's been doing. The bread he's holding loosely in his one good (if gnarled and wooden) hand is his idea of a break or, trust him, he'd still be running around more.
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The blatantly human bit is a bit of a giveaway. When you’ve been in the carnival for two years, it’s the kind of thing that sometimes yells “newcomer”. It’s the inhuman ones that are a little trickier… Although Joker makes it a point to know just about every face in the carnival.

Fortunately, he’s pretty easy-going, and just chuckles at the response he gets. “Well, you’ll get used ta it soon enough. Can only see so many strange things before it’s just one more set of wings or extra arms, yeah?”
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“That’s the ticket~.” Nipping some of his sandwich, Joker hops up to his feet. “Well, if ya ever need help, let me know. I’m Joker, the Stage Manager! And, ha, currently doublin’ as the wardrobe manager, too, but that’s more temporary. At least, I hope so!” Even as he laughs, he’s not exactly lying. Double shifts are killing him.

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