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Who: The Ringmaster and possibly YOU.
When: Day 55 - 57
Where: Carnival grounds.
What: The Ringmaster is mortal now, or something, and it's possible to kill her? But, the real question is... will you? This post can be used for actual murder attempts, but also anybody who really wants to talk to her while she's doing this. (Murders take threading priority, of course.)
Warnings: Possible murder, I suppose.


So, apparently the Ringmaster is mortal now. Or, at least, that's what she says. It may seem like some kind of trick - but on the other hand, she has also sworn this to be true in a way that those more familiar with fae would realize makes lying impossible. Even in general, fae are not inclined to lying and the Ringmaster does not have a history of it.

After her announcement on the radio, she can be found around the carnival, no longer an enormous sea serpent mer, but instead back to her normal human form. She doesn't have a mer tail either, at the moment - instead she just walks on the sand as if there is no water, her thin dress and hair the only think disrupted by its flow. She will not hide from anyone wanting to take a closer look, nor will she threaten people away from taking action against her. For the most part she will just keep acting like she usually does, without the flashy gimmicks, still expecting the same levels of respect.

Why, though, is the question? Why is she not capable of accessing her magic, and why is she telling everyone about it like it's no big deal? It's as if she's trying to play some kind of game - but the suspiciousness of it all may not be enough to put all all opportunists. Believe it or not, the Ringmaster's life may actually be in the worker's hands.

Characters may work to protect her if they wish, but she will not directly order them to. Characters may also, if they choose, actually kill her. This is a real possibility, and something that there are plot plans for if anyone dares make the move - it won't get rid of her forever, but it will affect the upcoming plot in significant ways. Also, obviously, it will affect your character's life, and the lives of those around them.

One thing we can promise is that the Ringmaster will not strike back against her murderer when she inevitably comes back somehow. Of course, whatever other consequences may come from the choices they make are yet to be seen...
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Starscream is physically incapable of bringing the Ringmaster to harm himself, but he will absolutely be EAGERLY keeping an eye out for anyone he thinks he can manipulate/nudge into basically doing it for him.
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Koel will defend the Ringmaster if someone attempts to attack her. Seriously, what's wrong with you people.
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Zecora will be angrily, grumpily checking on the Ringmaster's health to the point of annoying her severely. Defending her may be included in that package.
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Papyrus will defend the Ringmaster, verbally if he believes people intend to kill her, in combat if he's present when they make the attempt. She's not hurting anybody, killing her won't make people go home sooner, and some of them (like himself) are counting on her for very important things!

Also murder is not a great time for anybody.
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Sans is almost certain that she is just wasting everyone's time, but you have his support. Emotionally, anyway.
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Sora will defend the Ringmaster! She doesn't deserve to be attacked (in his opinion).
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MAYBE. It's a big maybe. Sherlock, as much as he would love to see her demise, wouldn't be able to kill her for selfish reasons, like getting his freedom back. But if he believes others are suffering because of her, if he thinks that people are being held against their will and that lives are being ruined by her? He could possibly, if given the opportunity and the motive. He despises injustice more than anything, and is willing to break his own moral code to protect other people, especially if it's someone he cares about. Jimmy and Gon are his highest priority of protecting at the Carnival. If they're threatened he wouldn't hesitate.

However if anyone is trying, he will not stop them, and might do something to help or distract anyone trying to protect her.

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Sherlock let Starscream tell you his sob story about how she unjustly turned him permanently into a crow for absolutely no good reason at all

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Strange is keeping out of it b/c the Ringmaster looks like she knows what she's doing and there's giant crabs to bother.

HOWEVER, he does have creepy magic that he can use to spy on people and see what they're up to, whether they be noted troublemakers or people who'd defend the Ringmaster, and would gladly do so for either Team Murder or Team Defense (Just don't mention the whole 'murder' thing, Team Murder). If anybody wants to spy on some troublemakers, he's your man.

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Psi might sort of keep coincidentally working in the same area she is for a bit. Obviously he can't actively tail her, but he can definitely try. TEAM DEFEND.
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Yeah, how about they don't murder the only person who can move the carnival? That's Childermass' take on it and that makes him pro-defend the Ringmaster. He'll probably lurk by her way occasionally to check up, but out of sight thanks to his good old creeper magic. No idea if she can see through that as a mortal.
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Jimmy will be polite, friendly, and do his best to protect the Ringmaster. (Which isn't much, but effort counts for something, right?)She gave him his life back twice and Jimmy sees himself as owing her everything. But he's also not above sucking up a tiny bit and bribing her with sweets, if he can.
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wow I sure do wish my tracking feature actually told me about stuff in the log com orz

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SLIGHTLY LATE COMING IN BUT Gongenzaka, given that he's Hyper Suspicions of something going down (SHERLOCKKKK) will not directly warn unless he's absolutely certain about what's going on, but will basically try to be as nearby as he can at all times.



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With his performers doing their best with what they've been given, and no apparent fashion disasters thanks to mostly jewelry and paints being used for their outfits, Joker has, once again, some free time. While there are still some things he has in mind that he wants to do, for now, he's focused on the most important thing:

Whatever the hell their ringmaster has done this time.

As she wanders through the carnival, Joker scurries along after her, many legs at work, and passes on a wink once he's near enough. "Nice day for a stroll, innit?" he says cheerfully. "Although I have ta say, ma'm, I thought ya would have stuck with the changes for a bit longer, just for fun."
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"Oh, I would have," she says, easily. "But, it's not something I could keep up at the moment. No real loss! There will always be another day for swimming beneath the sea."

She's still rather tall, even at her normal size. There is something about her that seems somewhat less imposing, all the same. Like there is some aura of control missing.

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She didn't straight up tell him to come, and he doesn't have a whole lot of legitimate reason to be there anyway. And yet, it feels like the appropriate thing to do. No matter how casual the Ringmaster behaves, Greg can't help but think it's hard to get used to. At least he needs to check in person to see how she's doing.

So, after he's taken care of work for the day night stretch of timeless ocean hours, Greg knocks at the door to the Ringmaster's office.

"Boss? It's me, Greg Universe? You said--said I could drop by, so..." He's not even sure if she's in there--does she keep regular hours?
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The Ringmaster is sitting at her desk, underwater, as if buoyancy is not a problem for her. She is scribbling on some papers, and upon closer inspection it would appear that she is doing art. It's hard to tell how good it is from a distance, though.

She looks up when Greg arrives as if mildly surprised.

"Hello, Greg Universe," she says, leisurely. "I suppose it was foolish to think your offer might be an empty one."

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Mari isn't really taking 'no' for an answer. She's shadowing the Ring Master basically everywhere. She's not doing it on orders, though, she's doing it because she wants to. The way she sees it, the Warden's job is to protect the carnival.

The Night Rider's job is to protect the Ring Master's interests.

'Not dying' counts as a protected interest.

It certainly counts as protecting Mari's interests.

The side effect of her uninterrupted presence, however, is that she's also pestering the Ring Master with her brand of 'company.'

"Hey, you still haven't told me. What's it like? Feeling any different yet?"
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The Ringmaster doesn't seem to mind, at all. While she has pointedly avoiding actually telling anyone to do anything for her, security wise, she is just as disinclined to turn it away. It does seem perfectly appropriate to the Nightrider's duties after all - and she doubts that Sans would ever willingly become such a stalwart companion.

She responds to Mari's question like she has about most existential question about this, which is with vague bemusement, like the thought hadn't really occurred to her.

"Not particularly," she says, in the middle of some mundane task that is taking her longer than usual, which is mildly annoying. However, tolerating this situation is like a victory within itself, and every moment she spends at ease about it is another moment she is winning. "Practical deficiencies aside, the state of a mortal's nature primarily lies in fear, which is not something I feel at the moment."

She already knows that Mari likes to talk about fancy shit like this so she is happy to indulge.

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definitely not a murder

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It's been a little while since they came to Atlantis, and the emotional impact of his first real transformations is finally sinking in. Being part lobster, his result of her making them adapted to this water world, should only last as long as they're here. A very annoying but very temporary kind of thing. Being part rock... That, like the changes his brother has gone through, like the changes any of the long-term people have gone through, will last as long as he's employed here. And that might be a while. But! Uncomfortable as it all is, having no hands and wearing a crown that's grown out of his skull, the great Papyrus can grit his teeth and bear it as long as he needs to.

Then one day the Ringmaster announces she doesn't have her powers, that she expects things will get fixed, and she walks through the carnival in her old, not at all aquatic body. And it occurs to him... could she, with her powers, undo changes? Maybe even choose how people get changed? There's only one way to find out, and that's walking directly up to her and asking.

"Excuse me, Ringmaster?" He asks as greeting, charging directly into, "Do you have a minute? I have a question."
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She is bored, honestly. Lack of powers means fewer things to entertain herself with, and fewer things she can work on, and so her stay as a mortal has mostly involved her killing time. Killing time with a conversation is just as good as anything else. So, sure, she's happy to talk.

"Of course," she says, turning to him and seating herself on some miscellaneous storage containers. "What is it?"

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[There is only so much that Gongenzaka can do after Sherlock makes his public 'announcement'. Less an announcement, more of a question, true-but he has no doubts it was a very deliberately chosen question, given the OTHER announcement that had come not long before it.

He can do little, however, unless Sherlock himself chooses to act upon it. And while he can't be sure if Sherlock would or would not (surely, he would NOT, right??), there are no doubt others that would...it's just that he doesn't know who.

Not to mention, he thinks as he tries his best to remain a safe distance from the Ringmaster without losing sight of her, he's not entirely sure the Ringmaster would...care. There's just too much that she could brush away when it comes to danger and herself, he's certain, so for now he just follows. His eyes wide. His nose sniffing.

...His shrimpy legs scuttling to try and keep him behind various rocky outcroppings or tents or whatever the heck there is around the area that he can use.

It's rather difficult.

He's. Not very small after all.
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[personal profile] phichitchu 2017-02-04 03:49 am (UTC)(link)
[Lots of people are keeping an eye on their Ringmaster; Phichit can feel the intense gazes even if he can't see who they're coming from. But very few people are approaching her, and that kind of bums him out. So of course he swims right up to her and grins.]

It's amazing, you can survive as a person in the water. And your hair and dress are moving like you're in a music video; you look really beautiful today!

Oh, and every other day, too!! I just mean, you look kind of ethereal now, too.
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[personal profile] predaconchow 2017-02-10 06:56 pm (UTC)(link)
Starscream isn't exactly always in the loop when it comes to things announced via radio. He can sort of operate one with his beak and talons, but carrying the device around with him is clunky and prohibitive to the kind of speed and agility he likes to maintain in this weakened form.

Thus, when he spots the Ringmaster in her human form for the first time, he has no idea what to make of it. Everything he's heard, any information he has, has been gleaned from eavesdropping on other workers, so he's determined to get a look at her himself so he can piece together all the bits. Get a better idea of what's going on. That's why he's perched above the entrance to her quarters at the moment. Or... Less perching, and more floating awkwardly, because at the moment, instead of being a crow, he is in the form of a ridiculous looking rock-hopper penguin.

When the Ringmaster emerges, he leans forward a little, flippers windmilling, beady red eyes squinting suspiciously.

He speaks up with no preamble: "I must say, there's something strikingly different about you today, Ringmaster... I just can't put my finger on it."