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Where there is no hope, it is incumbent on us to invent it.

Who: Jimmy and Sherlock
When: Day 47-ish? After the Atlantis event kicks off.
Where: Sherlock's trailer
What: Jimmy's just gotten some information from Joker that's amazingly good news! But he has enough sense to try and get a second opinion before running off to the Ringmaster.

Jimmy couldn't believe it. He couldn't. Nobody was that lucky. If Joker was pulled here from the 1880s, and Jimmy from 2009.... Granted, he'd been with Castiel for some time, and he couldn't pin down much time had passed. But 2009 was the last thing he could solidly remember, so he was going with it.

But this? This was a second chance. A chance to change everything. Force Castiel to go somewhere else. To someone else. {If Castiel cared to ask, Jimmy would suggest a long-term coma patient with no surviving relatives. It'd be the easiest on everyone.) All he had to do was find the Ringmaster and-

Jimmy drifts to a stop as something occurs to him. How many times has Castiel gone off after something that may or may not help, without consulting anyone? Yes, the vortex of emotional constipation that was Dean Winchester didn't set a very high bar to clear, but Jimmy at least, could learn from Castiel's mistakes. Which meant getting a second opinion. Except even with all of the magic and persistent weirdness going on, the list of things Jimmy had been through was a high bar to clear. And that was before things got really bad.

And the people Jimmy would trust with anything more than a vague suggestion of what happened is depressingly short. And easily narrowed down to one person. Sherlock. And he could work out the finer points of what he needed to do, if Sherlock didn't think Jimmy was completely insane and kicked him back out. Then Jimmy would have to wing it and go to the Ringmaster on his own. Assuming she stays to form, he'll end up with another year at the Carnival.

But he would go home after. Pick up where he left off, and get on with his amazingly mundane life. First, though, is getting the second opinion and getting himself to Sherlock's trailer. Which means getting himself over there and all worked up again, until by the time he's arrived at the trailer, he's banging on the door and darting through as soon as it opens, tentacles fanning out around him as he spins to face Sherlock. There are a dozen things he wants to say, but all he can manage to get out at first is "I CAN FIX IT!
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Sherlock, quite honestly, was not expecting that. He shut the door behind him with a flick of his tail.

"Good for you?"

It wouldn't end there, obviously, and he'd never seen Jimmy that excited, so it was something serious. Maybe he should put the kettle on. Underwater tea was pretty good, all things considered. Even if it did defy physics.
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Okay then.

Sherlock floated there, trying to deduce him, and figure out what had gotten him so worked up. Because right now he was completely lost--time? Time doesn't matter? Something bad clearly happened in his past and he wanted to be dropped off before it happened.

"Right, well--are you sure you're willing to put up with all of this for another year?" He waved a webbed hand. And he frowned.

"And are you sure that this won't backfire horribly?"
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Sherlock stares, trying to deduce him. He looks down and away at that question.

"Yes. I would."

But the questions...so many variables.

"This isn't something to be taken lightly. Have you considered what might go wrong with your past changed?"
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...yeah, what? He was totally lost.

"Sorry, what? Angel? I'm not quite sure I follow." Sherlock frowned.

Obviously something bad had happened, but right now Jimmy was about twenty steps ahead. This must be what it feels like to be other people around himself. Huh.
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"After all of this?" Sherlock waved a webbed hand around them, and towards Jimmy. "Literally nothing you can say will surprise me."

The world--worlds, actually--was far more than he could have ever imagined. And Jimmy was obviously distressed, so whatever it was that was bothering him was clearly real. He hadn't displayed any signs of mental illness as far as he could tell.
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Sherlock gave a nod as Jimmy began, but honestly, nothing could prepare him for that tale. Absolutely nothing.

He wanted to laugh, but he didn't dare. He wanted to tell Jimmy he was absolutely stark raving bonkers, but he could tell when a person truly believed that something happened to them, it was his job to be able to weed out who was telling a story and who was really telling the truth. Sometimes he got it wrong but this...why would Jimmy make it up? And yeah, there was the possibility he was mad, it sounded absolutely mad, but then again, when did he ever imagine he'd be a shark mermaid--merman and part of a magical carnival. Was Jimmy's story really that far off?

Sherlock still had to hide his initial scoff. It showed on his face, but as the tale wore on, his skepticism was fading into worry.

If you eliminate the impossible, whatever remained, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.


"That..." he tried to think of the right word to say. "That's...certainly something."
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Annnnd it got worse.

Sherlock was having a tough enough time as it was coming to terms with the reality of the carnival, other worlds--apparently it was something that was plausible, just he didn't really think about it. He was a scientist, none of what he'd seen over the past month should be in any way possible. And yet, here they were.

Okay, so he laughed. But it was more of a scoff of horror than outright mockery. He couldn't, not when he was currently about 75% shark. He had no high ground to cover on this one. Sherlock seemed to be genuinely disturbed, though, and he was covering it with humor.

"Right so..." Don't be rude, don't be rude. "Let's pretend that whatever you said happened...happened." That was rude. "The only trouble you'll run into here is to your own person, and this is saving your family." A pause. "Then there's really not much of a decision to make then, is there?"
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Sherlock shrugs. "There's always the possibility it could go absolutely and horrifically wrong. If you've weighed the pros and cons, though..."

He still has a funny look on his face like he's struggling to accept what he said versus the very real consequences that something happened that was clearly obvious with Jimmy's face, posture, body language, actual language...it was so mad he was experiencing some sort of cognitive dissonance.
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"Well, suppose you'll find out eventually."

That...that wasn't helpful, Sherlock.

"And at the very least, you tried. You did something. You protected your family." Surprisingly kind words from the still-baffled-looking detective.
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Sherlock chewed on his lip. Bad idea considering his rows of teeth, but it didn't harm him.

That was a...difficult dilemma.

"Have you ever heard of the story of the Merchant of Sammara?"

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"There was once a merchant, in the famous market at Baghdad. One day he saw a stranger looking at him in surprise, and he knew that the stranger was Death. Pale and trembling, the merchant fled the marketplace and made his way many, many miles, to the city of Samarra. For there he was sure Death could not find him. But when, at last, he came to Samarra, the merchant saw, waiting for him, the grim figure of Death. "Very well," said the merchant. "I give in. I am yours. But tell me, why did you look surprised when you saw me this morning in Baghdad?" "Because," said Death, "I had an appointment with you tonight... in Samarra."

He looked at Jimmy.

"If fate is real, if there is nothing anyone can do, then...there is nothing anyone can do."

"Though I hated the ending of that story and always wrote my own."
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"I don't like the idea of fate," Sherlock said after a moment. "But I am open to the possibility that it could be real, maybe not in the metaphysical sense, but in the way that your actions have consequences that cannot be avoided."

A shrug, and a sad little smile. "Can't offer much else than philosophical questions. But coming from someone that's usually dragging other people along with him, everyone else's contributions are noticed."
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Ah. Sounded rather familiar. He reads Jimmy's body language and looks rather uncomfortable. Not because of what happened to Jimmy, but because of John. He would often do the same, ignore what John was feeling or thinking to get on with the case. Usually that ended up saving lives or finding justice, but seeing someone's actual reaction reminded him just how much poor John put up with.

"All I can say is...good luck," Sherlock looked up at him. "I don't have the data or information to reassure you in any other way."
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"I've been told my 'bedside manner' is atrocious. However it seems like it worked in this regard," Sherlock comments quietly, mostly to himself. He looks a little confused by Jimmy's positive reaction. Comfort in discomfort? Such an odd reaction. But not unwarranted. He understood what he meant.
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"Which is what happens when people let emotions like fear overwhelm their decision making process," Sherlock said simply.

A wry look. "I probably would have gone mad if I was taken for a ride with what sounds like a band of incompetent people." Either he was warming up to the idea what Jimmy went through was true, or he was speaking in hypotheticals. But he wasn't scoffing at him. No, something definitely happened to Jimmy. Whatever it was, it was clearly real. Whatever world he'd come from, whatever all of this was, it existed. It was possible it could only exist in Jimmy's mind, but he hadn't any indication of any further delusions.
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That sounded familiar. Not unlike himself sacrificing everything in order to be the best consulting detective he could be at the expense of oh, every other thing in his life.

"Supernatural crea...you know what, I don't want to know." A wave of his hand.

Sherlock perked up at the mention of mysterious murders. Very much so. He looked positively entranced. "Really? Did you find out what happened? Did you get arrested?" A part of him sort of hoped Jimmy was a homicidal maniac, just because that would make things so much more interesting around here.
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"Of course...brilliant," Sherlock said dryly. It'd taken him ages to come to terms with the Ringmaster being fae, and even right now, when he was literally a shark person, it still bugged him.

Ah well. He looked visibly disappointed, even his tail drooped downwards. Such a pity.

"Maybe you left some evidence behind," he said hopefully. Even though that...that would not be good for Jimmy at all, Sherlock, seriously?