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Who: Jonathan Strange & Jimmy Novak
Where: Jimmy's trailer
When: shortly after Strange's network post
What: let's get drunk and talk about death!
Warnings: ...they're going to get drunk and talk about death.

Strange had no idea just what he had 'borrowed' from the cookhouse tasted like. It was a liquor, of some sort, and it had a high proof but honestly, he has no idea how you could make alcohol taste like whipped cream to begin with. This must be some sort of faerie thing. After all, the sweetest alcoholic beverages he's had were wine and champagne.

So, here he is, bottle in hand, as he approaches the trailer. Hopefully this would suffice for something strong, Strange really has no idea how strong or weak the alcohol actually is. It'd be poor form to open it before meeting with Jimmy, after all.

And then, for once, Strange pauses, thinks, and knocks on the door to Trailer #12. Occasionally he has moments of insight like 'don't just shove yourself into the trailer of the guy who you're trying to get information from.' He can summon up enough restraint to knock and wait.

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