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Who: Jonathan Strange & Jimmy Novak
Where: Jimmy's trailer
When: shortly after Strange's network post
What: let's get drunk and talk about death!
Warnings: ...they're going to get drunk and talk about death.

Strange had no idea just what he had 'borrowed' from the cookhouse tasted like. It was a liquor, of some sort, and it had a high proof but honestly, he has no idea how you could make alcohol taste like whipped cream to begin with. This must be some sort of faerie thing. After all, the sweetest alcoholic beverages he's had were wine and champagne.

So, here he is, bottle in hand, as he approaches the trailer. Hopefully this would suffice for something strong, Strange really has no idea how strong or weak the alcohol actually is. It'd be poor form to open it before meeting with Jimmy, after all.

And then, for once, Strange pauses, thinks, and knocks on the door to Trailer #12. Occasionally he has moments of insight like 'don't just shove yourself into the trailer of the guy who you're trying to get information from.' He can summon up enough restraint to knock and wait.
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Jimmy's inside, starting to regret bringing it up at all, but Strange asked. And if he's as good as his word, he brought alcohol.

The door opens, and Jimmy looks like he's bracing himself for talking about this. He moves to let Strange in, taking the offered bottle and exchanging it for a cheap, generic plastic tumbler. Yes, it's probably insulting the quality of the alcohol, but whatever. Jimmy doesn't much care at this point.

Once he's poured himself and Strange both a few fingers of the Mystery Booze, Jimmy leans against the counter and looks over. "Okay. Before I start, I have one question. Why. Really." He takes the first sip, and lets the sweetness sit for a moment before he swallows. "Because neither resurrection was very fun, and I don't think I can help, considering I was dead for most of it. And if you're going to start grilling me about it, I'd like to know what the reason is first."
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Jimmy half-smiles at seeing Strange get grossed out by the sweetness of the alcohol. God only knows what it actually is, but Jimmy takes another drink as Strange coughs.

"I don't think I can be that much help, sadly. Both times I died and ended up getting dragged back, I was more of an afterthought than the target of the resurrection." A pause, while Jimmy opts to skip the finer points of being a vessel and cuts to the important part. "I was possessed for a few years by, well... An angel. And he was the target of the resurrection, I just happened to be in the body too when it happened."

"But if you have any questions that I can handle answering, ask away."
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"Vague impressions, mostly. I wasn't in control, so most of what I perceived was second hand. Is perceived even the right word?" The Mystery Alcohol swirls in the cup as he thinks. "It's close enough. I wouldn't say I saw anything as much I was aware of it."

Jimmy knocks back the rest of the glass and goes for a refill as he continues. "There was the pain of dying and then.... Nothing, really. No pain, no angel... I expected to wake up in the afterlife, to be honest." Another drink, and he shrugs. "Instead, I was aware of me, the angel, and someone else. The angel didn't react at all, and I don't know if I was supposed to be aware or not."

"And then we.... Were. Breathing hurt. That first breath burns like you wouldn't believe." Another pause, another drink. "I'm sorry I couldn't be more specific."
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"Maybe I am. I don't know. It's just disorienting, when I think about it. I died. Twice. And the only reason I'm still here is because I was an afterthought when the angel was the one they wanted to bring back." And the mention of Hell gives Jimmy a little shudder. He's still got a few fragments of when Castiel went to Hell to drag Dean out.

"I.... are you sure you want to talk about this?" Strange's discomfort isn't that obvious, but Jimmy's starting to reach for the distractions again, and Strange is right there.
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Jimmy winces in sympathy at the mention of Strange's deceased wife. "Ah.... I'm very sorry. It doesn't sound like anything, but I've got a wife back home too, and if I went back to her being gone I.... I don't know what I'd do." It's still not a lot, but it's sincere.

"Both resurrections were the same way. I was dead, there was that brief sense of the unknown third party, and then the angel and I were back amongst the living. Rushing headlong into a breathtaking number of terrible decisions." He sighs and stares down into his glass for a moment. "If there's anything I can do beyond answering questions, just ask."
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"Hands off? Lucky. In mine they decided that now would be a rather fine time for the end of the world and I got drafted into helping stop it." Jimmy finishes off glass #2 and starts pouring his third.

"Mostly, you end up getting chosen by being born into the wrong family and being in the wrong place at the wrong time." The smile that flashes across his face is sharp and bitter. "Sorry. Just... Lot of bad memories tied in with it. But... In my very limited experience, it runs in families. At one point, necessity forced the angel to possess my daughter as well. But I think the primary requirements are 'be born into the right bloodline' and 'be in an angel's way when they're looking for a body."
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"Her involvement was only temporary, thank God. But it's still more than I would have wanted otherwise." Jimmy takes a deep breath, and starts to feel the booze kick in. Whatever it was that Strange found works respectably fast.

"I don't know which way would be worse, honestly. Either way something larger than life is deciding that you and it are going to be best friends and they won't hear a word otherwise." He sighs and looks into the glass before setting it on the counter. A mild buzz is about the best he should be going for in company.

"But yeah. That's the long and the short of it. The angel had been whispering sweet nothings in my ear and I was stupid enough to think he knew what he was talking about." Jimmy leans back and breaths heavily through his nose. "I am sorry that I can't offer you more than vague answers and foggy recollections."
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"I think you'd be okay as long as they don't start throwing around words like 'chosen', 'destiny' and if you hear one say 'vessel', start saying no. A lot." Jimmy's hand twitches towards the glass of mystery alcohol, but he's behaving himself as long as Strange is here.

"And it didn't really hurt, apart from that first breath that.... was really mostly breaking in a new set of lungs. It was like flicking on a light switch. I wasn't, and then I was." He's hoping that helps. That it might be as easy for Strange's wife as well.
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"No, not really. But the angel was laying it on thick, which if I hadn't been getting a massive ego stroke would have been a huge red flag." The angel had been talking him up something fierce, and neither of them had really had any idea what lay ahead for them.

"Yeah. That's what angels call it. If they're being polite about it, anyway. The other term of choice is 'meatsuit' and.... yeah. The less said about that, the better." Maybe cutting down on the alcohol so soon wasn't the best idea. But that's for after Strange leaves, since Jimmy's reasonably sure that the mystery alcohol will be left behind.
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"It's... really complicated. You know how, when a family has a kid, and then a few years later, the parents decide to have a second kid, and the first kid worries about how Mom & Dad don't love them any more?" Yeah, screw it. Jimmy's going back to the alcohol. He picks up the cup and takes another sip, feeling the cloying sweetness burn all the way down.

"It's not the worst place to try and approach from. There's a lot of very glaring differences, but 'What if Daddy doesn't love me anymore?' isn't a bad starting point. And it isn't helped at all by angels and humans being drastically different in a lot of ways." Jimmy puts the alcohol back on the counter and leaves it for later again, before digging into the fridge and offering Strange a glass of ice water instead.

"And you know how they say 'The Lord works in mysterious ways'? It's like that. It's mysterious because we don't get it. And the angels don't get us. Like, basic, fundamental level, 1+1=6 level, don't get it. There's a few that do, but for the most part, you'd have better luck discussing philosophy with your dog."
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"Your guess is as good as mine. I think part of it is that we're so different. They don't understand us, we don't understand them. Not without a lot of work on both sides' parts." Jimmy sighs, trying to find the right way to describe it.

"It's... A lot of them care about humanity, but they don't understand it. They're that aunt that loves you, but doesn't have the slightest idea about what you do. And you try to explain it and you can see their eyes cross." Jimmy sighs again, going for another sip of water from all the talking.

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"A big part of the problem is the reason for people like me. Like, ninety-five percent of the population can't look at the true form of an angel without all kinds of fun stuff happening. Blindness, insanity, death.... You see what I'm saying." He rubs the back of his neck and sighs. "I mean, when I looked at my angel, I saw light and there was this sense of presence. I couldn't describe it worth a damn, but I was aware of where it was and what it wanted."

"And the vessel works like.... shielding. The angel possesses someone, goes and does whatever it needs to and.... may or may not actually give the vessel up afterwards." Okay, yeah. Back to the alcohol. "But while the angel is possessing a vessel, there aren't a lot of ways to tell an angel apart from a mentally ill person that your average person will take seriously. There are ways to do it, but your average suburban nobody isn't going to put a lot of stock in lines of salt on windowsills or signs drawn on the floor in chalk."
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"Yeah. There is zero acknowledged magic where I'm from. Any politician worth anything talking about magic will find their career cut short in a hurry." He shakes his head. "That doesn't mean it isn't real, but it's so rare it might as well not exist."

"Summon an angel? I'd guess so? You don't really see much angel summoning in pop culture, mostly demons. And it rarely goes well for long. But summoning angels when you're not a vessel means that you're not gonna live long if you get one in its true form. And at that point, it becomes self-reinforcing. You summon an angel, a big chunk of your congregation dies or goes insane, it starts to sink in that maybe summoning angels is a bad idea. Demons are easier, as I understand it. Much worse in the long run, but they're easier to get ahold of initially."

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