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Who: Koel and OPEN
When: The Day 72/Evening of Day 72
Where: The cookhouse
What: Food, and also Vampires Anonymous
Warnings: Discussion of vampires and blood and flesh and eating/drinking them and related topics.


[Once Day 72 dawns, Koel is doing much better. The care, the potions, the treatment, was finally working. The iron injuries still burned, and she still limped, but her strength was returning, and her voice actually sounded like hers.

So, before feeding times, she gets to work. She knows what she needs to do, and those who are in the cookhouse will find Koel coming to them, giving them instructions on cooking...alternative foods.]


[Those who come to eat breakfast (menemen, a breakfast soup), lunch (nice and meaty gyros), or dinner (churrasco-style picanha cut meat with two slices of pa amb tomàquet) will also find a notice on the doors of the cookhouse.]

If you are a vampire, please do not hesitate to request the chefs on duty for a dish suited to your current dietary needs. The Cookhouse is prepared and will fulfill them for as long as you require.

- K. Babic
Head Chef

[There's another, smaller notice on the door as well.]

If you are a vampire, there will be a meeting one hour after dinner hours have finished in the Cookhouse. It is being hosted by a carnival member with prior experience in dealing with vampire and vampire-like individuals. Please feel free to join - this is intended to be a space where you may freely discuss with others that share your new condition without judgement.

Refreshments will be provided.

[Those who come into the cookhouse and request the alternative food will very much like that which is being served. But with differences. The red sauces, spices, broths and spreads used are bloody, and the meat is definitely not chicken or beef.]


[And, that evening, there is Koel, sitting patiently, wings carefully folded behind her chair. The corner of the Cookhouse mess hall that she is sitting in has one of the tables, with some finger food and some drinks. All of it vampire-friendly.

Welcome to Vampires' Anonymous. Apparently Koel has experience with this.]

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