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Joker ([personal profile] pipers_son) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival 2017-04-08 01:54 am (UTC)

Tamaki and Psi

[As it turns out, that's not good enough.]

[He doesn't even know how it happens. Just- one minute, he's making his way through the trees, right side starting to ache distantly again, and it just- he crumples. Literally, feet tripping beneath him, body curling into itself, and Joker takes in a wet ragged breath as his eyes sting.]

[What could he have done better? The question haunts him, along with its myriad of answers. He should have had a better plan for getting past that vampire when she was making a toy out of him. He should have forcibly escorted Snake to safety in Celebration before someone could have taken him. He should have convinced him not to take a contract in the Carnival to start with.]

[But further back, even- all the things he should have done with Father, with the Circus, with listening to Beast and, God help him, but maybe none of them would be in this mess.]

[He should have, he should have, he should have.]

[Weaving unsteadily, hand pressed against his face as he chokes back a sob, Joker finds a tree nearby and collapses against it with his wings spread out limply. For all his fight, the tears still come, and he gasps and makes pathetic little noises in his effort to fight against them. He's too close to the other trailers now, could get seen or heard, but he can't even manage to care right now. There's just the tears, forcing their way out against his will, and oh he must make an ugly sight as he bows his head and nearly chokes on his own voice.]

[He should have just flown to the bleedin' ferris wheel if this is what was going to happen.]

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