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Who: The Psiioniic and Foster
When: Day 90
Where: Cave Jail

Psi didn't really have any idea what he was doing. It's not like this was an easy place to accidentally be. He was probably only allowed because of his status as supervisor, and even then he knew people thought it was strange that he'd come here. The cave jail was dank and dark, to the Psionic that made it feel homey. It brought back barely cognizant memories of his wiggler hood and post-pupation before the trials. They weren't things he remembered, but the feelings were there. However, considering the differences between their species he doubted this place held the same sorts of feelings for the human held inside. He comes up to the bars, not really sure what he's about to see. He doesn't know what sort of shape Foster will be in after their manhunt. He tries to be prepared for anything. With Foster though, he has a feeling that might be difficult.


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