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You know where to find me/For no particular reason

Who: Will Zimmerman & OPEN
What: Will is new to the carnival, come show him around. Or mess with him. Whatever.
When: Day 97
Where: Several places
Warnings: None yet

[Around the carnival]

Well, the first thing to do when you're in a new place is explore it. Especially since he was going to be working here and living here full-time for a while, it was definitely a smart idea to know how the Carnival was laid out.

He'd been through the public areas before, so of course the logical thing to do is to take a deep breath and start poking around behind the scenes, where casual carnival-goers weren't supposed to be. Anyone who sees him will get a friendly smile. "Hey! I was looking for where the animals are kept. I just got hired."

[Closed to Helen Magnus]

After some exploring, Will heads to the trailer park area. It doesn't take him long to find the trailer he was assigned to; it looked pretty small, but it was a trailer and he didn't exactly expect to have a lot of space based on that. Appearances could also be deceptive; he would have to see inside before he'd know exactly how much space he'd have.

Will hesitated a second before deciding to knock. He didn't know if he had a roommate yet, and just barging in wouldn't be the best way to start things off. He takes a step back, settling a friendly smile on his face as he waits to see if anyone will answer. He'll give it at least thirty seconds before he assumes no one's home.

[[Also if you want him anywhere else just hit me up or put it in a comment, I'm open to playing with anyone!]]
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Scout pauses in the middle of stretches. She's gearing up to head back out into Mainframe, but she can spare a few. Her most obvious change is a huge tail with long, silky white hair, and small horns, and the gleam of her brass fingernails and coppery throat scales.

"More new people, huh?" He seems happier about the situation than she'd expect from someone who got contracted after breaking a rule, so maybe he's another voluntary. Scout has the sense that actually asking someone about contracts is a little rude, though. "Right over there, keep left. You're a new animal handler?"
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"Tedious and annoying, sometimes, but we do have fun too! Hopefully you can keep out of the worse kinds of trouble." Working with the Carnival seems more dangerous these days than back during her first year here. There are a lot of troubles now.

"Oh, no. I work in repairs and scouting." She smiles. "Speaking of, I'm Tallisibeth, but my friends call me Scout."
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Scout nods. "Well, hopefully you'll settle in well. I think this is hardest on people with very routine lives, but anyway, even if the world outside carnival grounds changes a lot, the Carnival itself is recognizable."

It really is small. She clasps his hand, shaking when he makes that tiny motion; Scout's not always sure if people want to shake or clasp or do something else, since it so often varies. Her hands are callused. "Thanks, Will. So, you're probably starting out with cleaning up and stuff, right?"