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john childermass ([personal profile] atouts) wrote in [community profile] lostcarnival2017-01-31 07:40 pm

always do sober what you said you’d do drunk

Who: Childermass & the Psiioniic
When Evening of D53
Where: Back at ye old waterlogged carnival.
What: Childermass never did get around to asking about that sigil...

Strange would ask about the vampires and Childermass would ask about the meeting in the woods, the one they hadn't been meant to watch. That is what the two magicians had decided out at the reef, far beyond Atlantis, and it was only a matter of time before he settled on which supervisor to ask. Since it had been the Psiioniic that had begun this inquiry, so it only seemed proper to let him end it.

Whether that meant coming away with any useful information or not was yet to be seen.

It's during the later evening of the carnival — gates long since thrown open to the fishy public of Atlantis and slowly beginning to wind down — that he goes searching for the foreman. With the shows at the big top tents already over for the night, he's free to look, tiredness not factoring into it as it often does not with him. The one silver lining for Psi is that he's too lazy to cloak himself from the crowds and lurks the old-fashioned way, which means he won't be appearing out of thin air all of the sudden.

Whenever he does find him, wherever that happens to be, he'll drift to a halt and find a spot to prop a shoulder against and lean idly, arms folded, waiting. There's definitely something expectant about that waiting, too, making no attempt to hide the fact that he's watching Psi finish up whatever work he's at currently.

Because, really, why interrupt when you can be a shark waiting ominously just within eyeshot?

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