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always do sober what you said you’d do drunk

Who: Childermass & the Psiioniic
When Evening of D53
Where: Back at ye old waterlogged carnival.
What: Childermass never did get around to asking about that sigil...

Strange would ask about the vampires and Childermass would ask about the meeting in the woods, the one they hadn't been meant to watch. That is what the two magicians had decided out at the reef, far beyond Atlantis, and it was only a matter of time before he settled on which supervisor to ask. Since it had been the Psiioniic that had begun this inquiry, so it only seemed proper to let him end it.

Whether that meant coming away with any useful information or not was yet to be seen.

It's during the later evening of the carnival — gates long since thrown open to the fishy public of Atlantis and slowly beginning to wind down — that he goes searching for the foreman. With the shows at the big top tents already over for the night, he's free to look, tiredness not factoring into it as it often does not with him. The one silver lining for Psi is that he's too lazy to cloak himself from the crowds and lurks the old-fashioned way, which means he won't be appearing out of thin air all of the sudden.

Whenever he does find him, wherever that happens to be, he'll drift to a halt and find a spot to prop a shoulder against and lean idly, arms folded, waiting. There's definitely something expectant about that waiting, too, making no attempt to hide the fact that he's watching Psi finish up whatever work he's at currently.

Because, really, why interrupt when you can be a shark waiting ominously just within eyeshot?

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He's a bit hard to spot in the dim light of the carnival's end. Instead of the usual gray his back is black in color, a small dorsal fin protruding from between his wings. The ends of his arms and hands are white. It almost looks like he's wearing gloves. Despite the dark coloration of his current skin the same glowing freckles as before mark his face. They shine a bright pink in the dark of the ocean's night. He doesn't notice Childermass as he works. It's late, he's tired, and his nipple is sore. It's not until he finishes and turns, exhausted and ready to leave, that he sees him.

He startles at first, but then grins, amused by Childermass' behavior.

"Admiring the view?"
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He walks forward, because that's the way he'd be heading anyway. Either way it moves him closer to Childermass.

"Well it would be pretty hard to forget a body like this." He answers pretending to misunderstand Childermass' words. He doesn't know much about sea creatures himself. He has no idea what he resembles and he certainly has no ideas about Childermass.

"So what am I then?"
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He lets the false flirtations drop in the face of Childermass' unflappable nature. He'll have to consider two raised eyebrows victory enough for now. His own raise curiously at the mention of a killer whale. The oceans on Alternia were notoriously dangerous, and not just because of the animals that lived there.

"Killer Whale? Do other whales just eat plants?" There didn't seem to be very much plant-life in this ocean though. Admittedly it's not a subject he's given much thought before, but it seems strange that someone would specify an animals inclination towards killing unless it was particularly odd, or particularly dangerous.
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Despite the sharpness of his teeth he doesn't usually feel the inclination to eat people of any sort. Though if he did Childermass would definitely not be the first to know.

"...So they were seen hunting more often by land-dwel- I mean. Humans." He hastily corrects himself.

So then the name was just some sort of strange misnomer. He frowns, not sure he likes being associated with a "killer" even if it wasn't out of the ordinary for it's species. Though if he was being honest the title killer would probably fit him well in comparison to most 'earthlings.' That's not something he wants to think about, so he shoves the thoughts to the side. Of course this leaves him with the question of why Childermass was watching him in the first place. The real reason.

"So if you weren't admiring my stunning features and you've already figured out what sort of creature I am I guess there really isn't anything you need from me."
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Which is about what he'd expected to hear from the beginning. Childermass didn't seem the view admiring sort after all.

"You know, I wouldn't have minded if you'd interrupted." Though he is pretty amused at the thought of Childermass simply waiting around for people to notice him. Maybe the other man was secretly very shy. Psi doubted it, but then again he couldn't see any other reason for Childermass to be lurking about. Maybe lurking was just a fun hobby of his.
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He does swim forward, grateful that Childermass doesn't mind having a talk and walk, or rather a talk and swim. At the mention of 'last time' though Psi begins to look a bit uncomfortable. It seems getting blackout drunk is one of the few things he can get embarrassed about.

"Ah... You know. I don't remember that night to clearly." For obvious reasons that he'd rather leave unsaid. "I didn't wreck anything of yours, did I?"
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If he remembers that the woods weren't mentioned in the announcement it doesn't show. What does show is his reluctance to continue talking about this. Not only had the cause of his anger been something discussed at a secret meeting, it was also kind of embarrassing to admit. He doesn't like getting angry and he especially doesn't like it when it shows. He kind of winces as he recalls the parts of the night he actually remembers.

"Oh. I did? I'm sorry about that. I wasn't really thinking that night." Which was probably obvious from the start considering how drunk he'd gotten. "I probably wouldn't have actually fought you if that helps?"
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And that's where he hesitates. It's really not something he can talk about at length. He doesn't know if he even wants to talk about the reasons why. Or if he did, what details could he give?

"Did I say it was danger that made me drink?" Because just a moment ago he thought Childermass said he'd blamed it on an argument. Had he said what the argument was about? He's sure he wouldn't have, but why else would Childermass be asking about danger now?
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Shit. He stops short in his swim, looking back over to Childermass. He's nervous, it's clear, and he doesn't know what to say. He can't believe he did something so careless. The ringmaster had called that meeting in secret, and he'd gotten drunk and blabbed about the whole thing. He has to lie, but he can't think of any lie he can tell that can make up for his use of the phrase pre-emptive strike.

"Well... We do go dangerous places at times, but obviously if you stay in the carnival you should be safe."
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He didn't think Childermass would by it either, but this really isn't something he can come clean with so easily. He doesn't have pupils, so it's hard to read his stare, but his gaze flickers away from Childermass, even if it's only for a moment.

"...The agents were an exception. The result of unexpected extenuating circumstances."
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He nervously watches Childermass swim closer, not because he's afraid of the man, but simply because he doesn't know what to say. That feeling vanishes when Childermass speaks next. Psi expression shifts, to surprise, confusion, and then careful indifference. His looks quickly to the right, taking note of the presence, or rather the absence, of other workers around them.

He wonders briefly why Childermass had come to speak with him. Did he think he could threaten the troll with his own poorly spoken drunken ramblings? Or did the Psionic just seem like the kind of person it was easy to make speak? There are a lot of things the Psionic could say to the magician and plenty of things he could do with the information Childermass had just given him, but almost none of them would do either of them any good.

"I don't know you hope to gain from this conversation, but you're risking more than it's worth."
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Mr. Psionic. He nearly looses it right there, it's only the serious tone of their conversation that helps him keep it together, but eitherway, he smiles. He can't help it, he understands and respects Childermass' sentiment, even if he can't agree.

"Come to my trailer with me."
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Psi nods before swimming past Childermass and leading the other man to the Supervisor's Grove. Childermass might already know where Psi's trailer is, but seeing inside of it is an experience. It's a mess, intensely so, also it looks bigger on the inside than on the outside. Just like most trailers there's a kitchenette and a living area, but both are bigger than the norm for most workers. Also, nearly every inch of the kitchen and counters are covered with tacky, strange, and questionable knick-knacks and souvenoirs. There's random clothes piled on the couch in the living room and a strange collection of electronics piled by and plugged into the television.

"I hope you're as smart as you look" he says entering and closing the door behind them.
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"You're right. Because if you do something stupid with this you'll get in much worse trouble then me." He heads to the kitchen, getting a can of soda from the fridge for himself and then offering one to Childermass. It's probably some gross flavor, like grape, or fudge.
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"What you're doing right now is rash." Psi says, shaking his head. He opens his own soda can and it pops as the carbonation fizzes out. It's clear Childermass is clever, but being clever didn't mean you wouldn't act rashly, it just meant you needed the right motivation.

"So why do you want to know?"
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It takes quiet a bit of strength not to laugh at Childermass here either. He raises an eyebrow, watching the other man with a clear look of amusement.

"Grape soda?"
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He does laugh at that.

"Yeah, it does. That's kind of the point."
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"Right, you're not friend." He says, with a little smirk.

"You know, for someone you claim not to care about you seem rather concerned for his safety."
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Honestly, the fact that Childermass finds it irritating only makes it that much more amusing to him. He doesn't bother continuing though, just taking a sip from his soda after Childermass explains. The pause is enough for his mind to turn back to the topic at hand, as disagreeable as the topic is.

"So your worried about the vampires." he bites his lip after he says it, thinking about what he can say. Nothing good, but if Childermass wanted to know that bad he could at least tell him the truth.

"Personally, I still think it's all Mari's fault." He comments, setting his soda aside. He leans against the counter, crossing his arms in front of his chest. "The Ringmaster makes some money sending the Nightrider off to take down certain folks. Well their crew didn't do their job and got followed back here by the stragglers."

It's plain enough to him that he's talking about an assassination attempt gone wrong, but humans could be funny sometimes. He looks to Childermass to make sure the other man is following along.
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He smiles, but there's nothing happy about it. It's the smile of a cynic watching as all his I told you so's become real. Did Childermass really have to ask? Or maybe he was looking for something more specific.

"Panic, terror, death." He lists them off looking away as he does so, because he can still remember that feeling of dread as the screams of the dead filled his head split seconds before they'd struck.

"They can control you." he says, with a small laugh of horrified amazement, "Make you do things against your will, attack your friends."

And he does look at Childermass here because he's sure the other man knows well that feeling.

"The people who didn't die went home when their contracts were up. Sans got a promotion."
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He sighs, looking to the side, his annoyance from before returning. Annoyance at the memory of learning of the sigil though, not at Childermass.

"It's a mark they left, to curse us or something. The Ringmaster is going to get rid of it I guess."