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dumb sad boys

Who: Lauren and Susan
What: dumb brothers being sad - continued from here OKAY NOW IT'S ACTUALLY A CATCH-ALL LAUREN+SUSAN POST FOR PRE-ALOLA JUNK
When: Day 68 at night a variety, starting with night of day 68
Where: their trailer

Although he eventually came out of the bathroom that first night, Susan still didn't talk to Lauren. Instead he avoided his brother as best he could, falling asleep curled up with Fluff (and Stanley, if she let him) on the bed.

The next day he went out, even though Lauren had told him not to; he didn't know a lot about vampires, and even though he felt bad doing it (especially when he was still worried about Lauren), he was pretty sure they couldn't go out in the sun, so it was an easy way to not have to talk to him. He didn't want another argument, not any more - not that he knew what else to do, not when he was feeling pretty bad now, but that didn't matter. He just didn't want Lauren to yell at him and tell him he's wrong.

By that night, though, he still wasn't feeling any better - and even though he still didn't want to really talk to his brother, he still missed him and wanted to be with him.

Once it was late, and he was sure Lauren would be asleep, Susan quietly left the sofa where he'd been originally planning on sleeping, instead slipping into the room with his brother. From there he quietly made his way to the bed, climbing under the covers while being as careful as he could to not wake him.
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"A spell?" he asks, looking confused. This is the first he's heard of it.
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He looks down to the table. So his worries really were unfounded.

"What if it's someone else?"
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"What if there's someone else stronger that you blame... Will you attack them?"
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He huffs, feeling frustrated, but holds back the feeling.

"Not now, but that doesn't mean their won't ever be one."
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He rests his head in his hand beyond worked up over this. He was sick of worrying and not knowing what to do. It was driving him crazy and it was at his wits end.

"Do you never think?" He's not even looking at Susan, but his voice is harsh.
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"Do I have to keep you on a leash for the rest of your life?" he asked, just as harsh as before, but even louder now. His head raised as he met Susan's gaze. The frustration was written clearly all over his face.
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"Like hell you can!" Did Susan not understand how much time and effort Lauren put into making sure things always went okay? Did he not care enough about Lauren to even protect his own life?

"From now on you don't go anywhere without me! Do you understand?"
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It's not what he expects and it's definitely not what he wants. He wants a fight, and Susan denying him just makes him even angrier.

"Fine! Be that way! I don't even care."

He stands abruptly, hitting his knee on the table and cursing at it, before moving to the door and sitting in front of it as though to guard it.