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dumb sad boys

Who: Lauren and Susan
What: dumb brothers being sad - continued from here OKAY NOW IT'S ACTUALLY A CATCH-ALL LAUREN+SUSAN POST FOR PRE-ALOLA JUNK
When: Day 68 at night a variety, starting with night of day 68
Where: their trailer

Although he eventually came out of the bathroom that first night, Susan still didn't talk to Lauren. Instead he avoided his brother as best he could, falling asleep curled up with Fluff (and Stanley, if she let him) on the bed.

The next day he went out, even though Lauren had told him not to; he didn't know a lot about vampires, and even though he felt bad doing it (especially when he was still worried about Lauren), he was pretty sure they couldn't go out in the sun, so it was an easy way to not have to talk to him. He didn't want another argument, not any more - not that he knew what else to do, not when he was feeling pretty bad now, but that didn't matter. He just didn't want Lauren to yell at him and tell him he's wrong.

By that night, though, he still wasn't feeling any better - and even though he still didn't want to really talk to his brother, he still missed him and wanted to be with him.

Once it was late, and he was sure Lauren would be asleep, Susan quietly left the sofa where he'd been originally planning on sleeping, instead slipping into the room with his brother. From there he quietly made his way to the bed, climbing under the covers while being as careful as he could to not wake him.

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It works, for the moment at least. Lauren doesn't wake up as Susan slips in under the covers. Even if he does, it's only to move closer to his brother, glad to be sleeping next to him even if his conscious mind isn't aware of it. It's not until the early morning hours that he wakes up and realizes that Susan is in bed with him. It's confusing at first, and strange, but he doesn't move to wake Susan up yet. He didn't want another argument, he just kind of wanted to enjoy being with his brother for a little bit. He watches Susan sleep, brushing some of his brothers messy hair out of his face.
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It was the next day when Lauren noticed that Susan's mood hadn't seemed to improve any. Lauren assumed it was just because, as Susan had said, everything was still going to change. Still, as the day went on and Susan's mood didn't seem to improve he grew worried.

"Hey." he said, sitting down at the table with his brother. "Is everything alright?"

Day 75

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It's maybe a few hours after his desperate plea for help that he begins to act on the other's advice. It was strange, before he'd felt desperate and helpless. Now, he had a feeling like maybe there really was something he could do. It felt ridiculous. Susan hadn't even done anything since that day he'd attacked the Ringmaster, Lauren knew any outsider looking in wouldn't understand his concern. At the same time, that his young brother who had always been so cheerful and positive would attack someone and speak with such vehemence... He couldn't help his concern.

Though Susan may have been without magic at the moment, he was normally very powerful. Susan also wasn't accustomed to losing. His younger brother had the careless optimism of a child, because he was a child. Lauren knew Susan wouldn't take his concerns seriously, he never did. That still wasn't any reason not to try. If things were as dire as they felt, and he believed they were, then he had to do everything he could to stop Susan from hurting anyone else or himself. When Susan comes back to the trailer, he knew he had to talk to him then, or else he might loose his nerve.

"Susan, we need to talk."