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because we’re all one of a kind

Who: Ginko and whoever!
What: Ginko tries to do his job and restocks on cigarettes
When: Before and during performance week
Where: Around the carnival, specifically the menagerie and trailer park!
Warnings: Drugs not actually drugs. Weird animals, though!

A - evening of Day 81 - outside Trailer 13

Contrary to what some might assume, Ginko’s ever-present cigarettes don’t manifest out of thin air. At some point, if they want to make sure that they’ve got a steady supply, he or Tanyuu has to make them - and tonight, that’s exactly what Ginko is doing, since he’d rather get this done before performance time starts up.

He’s sitting outside his and Tanyuu’s trailer, with supplies laid out in front of him on a cloth - a mortar and pestle, a roll of paper, stacks of leaves harvested from an assortment of plants grown in and around the trailer - and the spewpa that Tanyuu had dubbed Miu nestled against his leg.

It would be a lot more convenient if mushi repellent could be made from just one kind of plant, but, no such luck. So here he is, grinding the herbal mix together, setting each rolled cigarette in a wooden box as he finishes.

It’s not particularly fast work, but he does it with a practiced hand and seems relaxed as he works, not paying particular attention to anything around him.

B - All week - Menagerie

Everything is always busier during performance weeks. It’s no surprise, really, but even after this long, Ginko is still impressed by the sheer degree to which that energy seems to permeate the carnival. It’s… exhilarating, in a way.

At the same time, though, it makes him glad that his involvement with the actual performances is so minimal. He’s not sure he could deal with that much excitement.

Instead, he keeps mostly to the menagerie during performances, focusing on the animals; there’s a lot to do, though it’s more manageable now that he isn’t the only animal keeper.

He won’t object of anyone wants to come by and chat… provided they don’t interfere with his work or try to mess with the animals. That, he’d rather avoid.

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So guests get to come through here too? [What's the price on looking at scary animals.

He leans over a bit to see the headcrab better, but still what he thinks is a safe distance.]
Do you take care of them?
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[He looks around the menagerie.] This is a lot of animals to take care of alone. Where does the Ringmaster get them?
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So all of them are from other dimensions too? [That's so many dimensions.

But it makes him smile.]
My mom does that too. Um, but just with cats and dogs. [And stray children.] She's always taking in strays when she sees them.
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Yeah, probably. [He laughs.] I'm Yuya by the way. Have you been here a long time?