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[OPEN] Sher-meleon

Who: Sherlock and you!
What: In which Sherlock gets turned into a chameleon for running away.
Where: Here and there
When: D33-D39

A. I'm not anyone's pet! (Sherlock's and Gon's Trailer)

There was a very colorful, small lizard sitting angrily on top of a table in the trailer. How could a chameleon be sitting angrily?

Yet somehow, it was.

Sherlock was not happy, and that was putting it lightly.

It had taken him an age to even get over here. Slow, methodical climbing and steps. For a man as impatient as he, it was nothing less than sheer agony. Not to mention the horror he was slowly trying to and failing to get over. He tried to run away from the Carnival, yes, but this-this in return for...this was impossible, improbable, and yet it happened. He wasn't even the least bit human save for his mind. And even that was filled with weird instincts.

He was a lizard. He thought he was upset before about his scales but this was a million, billion times worse. He was just this small little thing with weird eyes and a weird tail and--oh no.

Before he could stop himself his tongue shot out and snatched a fly out of midair. It crunched in his mouth a millisecond later. Worst of all, it tasted great to him.


B. Lunchtime

There was a small greenish, red, and yellow chameleon slowly changing colors and sitting on top of a ladle next to the food for everyone.

Just staring, occasionally looking with one independent eye, then another. Every so often his tongue would shoot out and grab a fly.

He really liked flies okay?

C. I'm a man, blast it!

It was painstaking, but he did it. It literally took him several hours and a nap. But he did it. A pen in his mouth and a piece of paper. He began dragging the paper through the Carnival, wishing to show it to anyone who met him.

The note said:

I am Sherlock Holmes. I am not an ordinary chameleon. Please help.

PS. Do not pet me. I will bite.

D. Wildcard! Feel free to start any situation!
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[So. There's a lizard in his trailer. And there's no Sherlock in his trailer.

Gongenzaka can put two and two together, even without the Ringmaster's likely note to make VERY certain nothing happened to this thing. It's certainly not something he's personally witnessed before, but....
] ...So, then...

...I, the man Gongenzaka, take it that something happened...

[He has to be joking.]
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[personal profile] betheman 2017-01-03 05:11 am (UTC)(link) long will this last...

[Long Look-Ignored. The duelist sits, rather 'sphinx'-like with crossed arms, before eventually lifting up the lid of the terrarium.]

I, the man Gongenzaka, am not entirely certain of how to care for a chameleon...

[Excuse U
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[Aside from the fact that he's smarter than that, do you think it'd do much to him? also enjoy the glowing blood if you manage to break skin in that scenario]

....You have no one to blame but yourself. [He's not getting involved in this Sherlock. He's not. He even opened the tank for you, so that you can climb out, and this is the thanks he gets?

Tsk tsk Sherlock. Tsk. Tsk.

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NONA1 usually doesn't eat during lunchtime, preferring to talk to others. But the lizard eating flies near her has taken her attention. It's a pretty lizard, so shiny and filled with color...
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Meanwhile NONA1 isn't even bothering to move away or stop the lizard. Watching with fascination as the lizard wraps it's tail around the ladle.

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Well. That odd-looking lizard has a note. It is entirely possible that Jonathan Strange hasn't seen a chameleon before, being from England in the early 1800s. So it's obviously a lizard of some kind, but with a note that says he's a chameleon (whatever that is) but not an ordinary one?

"Considering that I've only a slight idea what ordinary chameleons do in the first place, I'm afraid the note doesn't help much."

Bending down slightly, Strange looks over the lizard with a note again. How exactly does one help a lizard? Well, the first step would probably be to verify it's existence. His madness had been wearing off more and more each day, but that doesn't mean that Strange wasn't worried that it was still there. It could be a hallucination. So, with one clawed finger, he attempts to verify the lizard's existence by lightly poking it. Sorry Sherlock.
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It works. Strange lets out a yelp as Sherlock's teeth sink in. He tries to yank his finger away as fast as possible because seriously, no biting, what gives.

"I wasn't petting you, you know. I simply wanted to see if you were a hallucination."

Yep, he is talking to the lizard like there is some way the lizard can hear and understand him, despite the fact that the lizard can't really speak. Still, he holds a hand down to see if Sherlock'll climb up it. It's either that or have him still remain stooped for the next few minutes.

"Come. I'm sure I can get you wherever you need to go faster than you walking there yourself. You are a bit slow, after all."

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Sherlock is very nearly squished by a hand reaching down to grab the ladle. Fortunately, Hinawa spots the little creature before it's too late, yanking her hand away.

"Oh! Well hello, little one," She greets him. "This isn't a very good place for you to be right now, someone might think you're a pest! Why don't we get you outside in the fresh air?"

And here comes the giant hand again...!
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Hinawa pulls her hand away in a hurry, letting out what could only be described as a bleating sound in surprise. How embarrassing.

"Oof! Now that's not very nice! How am I supposed to get you to safety if you won't let me pick you up?"

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That's just... Well, it's just strange. A chameleon holding a note about a chameleon. Was he supposed to believe the chameleon had actually written this?

"Why would anyone pet a chameleon?" Lauren asks, leaning over to look from the note to the reptile. A small rat in poked it's nose out of his pocket and squeaked, he simply shook his head.

"It's fun to put furry things, they're soft."
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Lauren of course can't hear the chameleons thoughts. What he can do, however, is speak with animals. He murmurs a few words, an incantation, and though Sherlock could understand him before, now Lauren is actually expecting the chameleon to understand him and answer.

"Do you know why you have a note?"

The rat squeaks again, and Lauren looks briefly annoyed.

"I'm not asking you Stella, I'm asking the chameleon."

Jeez, what a noisy know-it-all she was.

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[personal profile] empty_vessel 2017-01-05 01:57 am (UTC)(link)
Another day of gathering up dishes, another day down on the contract. It was quiet, until he started hearing complaints of animals from the show getting lose in the cafeteria?


The staff appreciates the pest control, but having lizards so near the buffet can't possibly be food safe. So Jimmy goes to check it out and see what's going on. And there's a... lizard of some kind sitting on the ladle and volunteering for pest control. "Well, hello... How did you get over here?" He holds out an arm, offering Cham-lock a place to climb up if he wants.
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[personal profile] empty_vessel 2017-01-05 04:22 am (UTC)(link)
"Sorry, nope. Had two complaints about hygiene and one inquiry about if you were an entree." The ladle is lifted out of the dressing, and Sher-meleon is given another chance at climbing off onto Jimmy.

"I'm all for getting you a meal, but A: Nobody wants... wait. It's chameleons that have the eyes and the colors. Nobody wants chameleon butt in their salad dressing, sorry. B: God only knows what you have and you're not spreading it to the food, and C: I don't think either of us wants you to get eaten." As he's talking, he's giving Sher-meleon a chance to move somewhere safer. "If you want, I can move you to someplace that doesn't involve sitting on the utensils, but you're not sitting on the salad bar."
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