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This is not how healthy individuals deal with their problems.

Who: Psi and Open
What: Drinking Alien Booze
Where: The Cookhouse and Around (see prompts)
When: Right after the supervisor meeting.
Warnings: People using alcohol in unhealthy ways. Drunkenness. Adult language highly likely.

He takes to the air as soon as the meeting is over, sick of looking at that weird symbol and sick of listening to everybody talk about what to do next. All the other supervisors seemed to feel like some kind of violent response was necessary. Perhaps in their minds if the carnival didn't respond it would allow the vampires a second chance to attack. The Psionic, however, didn't agree with that line of thinking. The reality was that none of them had any way of knowing if the vampires were considering a second attack or not. The Psionic really didn't see anything wrong with getting rid of sygil and leaving it at that. It was weakening the wards, so of course they needed to remove it, but so long as the wards could be fixed they were safe here.

Even as he thinks that he can't help but feel some small sense of doubt. Even if he did feel that way, everyone else seemed to disagree. Was he missing something that seemed obvious to everyone else? Maybe they knew something he didn't. It's those sorts of fears and anxieties that begin to emerge as he flies. He doesn't want to remember the first attack, but the images come unbidden as his worries grow. Would a kid as young as Bonnie be forced to defend herself from beings like that? Miko and Lars were older. They were a bit more capable and a bit more annoying, but could they truly stand up to a foe like that?

It's nights like these when the Psionic misses his Alternian companions most. They had always know what to say and do. Their absence stings tonight in a way it hasn't in a long time, so where he ends up doing really isn't much of a surprise.

I. The Cookhouse
When he finds the bottle he holds it up victoriously. The drink inside appears to be a truly distressing shade of fluorescent lavender. He smiles before twisting off the top and pouring himself a drink. It's an Alternian liquor, or at least that's what the label seems to imply.

"This stuff is the best. Here, try this." And if you're nearby he pours you a drink. Even if you're not that nearby he'll probably end up calling you over. "This is what real liquor tastes like."

II. Around the Carnival

He's just a little bit drunk right now. He isn't stumbling, but his psionics seem to be going off much more frequently then normal.

"Hey, you! You!" he shouts loudly as he see's you walking by. He rapidly waves your character over before excitedly asking them, "Truth or dare?"

III. Supervisor Grove

Now he's really really drunk. He probably should not have drank that entire bottle, but it's too late for regrets now. His head is spinning, which is annoying, and he keeps wobbling a bit as he tries to balance himself. He stumbles, tries to catch himself with his own psionics, misjudges the force and ends up pushing himself flat on his back in the opposite direction. There's the thud of his body hitting the ground before before he just starts laughing hysterically. He makes no attempt to get up whatsoever.

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