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everything's fine

Who: Lauren and Annabelle
When: 76 or Something
Where: Alola on da Beach
What: Swimming and being Drunk and Losers.

Lauren is having the worst time of it lately. Saying mean things to his brother, sharing his problems with people on the radio, both were things he never thought he'd do before this week. He had though, and despite his desperation or maybe because of it, nothing had helped. In the end he'd simply decided to pretend everything was fine, if only so that he could move on with his life and away from all the terrible feelings the drama stirred inside of him. However, running from the problem wasn't really working either. He wasn't arguing with Susan, but instead he just felt like a failure. It was even harder to act like things were normal when Susan himself was so distraught over the loss of his own abilities.

If he were smarter maybe he'd have a solution, but as he was it didn't seem possible. Susan wanted to stay overnight in Alola, and Lauren hadn't fought it. He couldn't sleep though, so after Susan's dozed off he finds himself wandering his way down towards the beach. The sound of the waves hitting the shore is constant, even at night when everything else is silent. It does nothing to calm him, instead every lap of the water causes some new anxiety wash over him. He'd managed to find some kind of liquor here, and though he wasn't even sure what it was, he'd bought it. He's got it with him now as he sits there open and a few sips already taken. Relying on something like this to calm you down wasn't healthy, but if it was only one night then... Just tonight he'd pity himself, than tomorrow he'd be normal again.
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She looks at him, still smiling, and gives him a little shrug before she takes another sip from the bottle. Why did anyone spend time with anyone for any other reason than because they enjoyed that person?

Lauren was the confusing one.

She hands the bottle back to him.
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"I gathered," Annabelle says, folding some hair behind her ears. She rests her cheek on her arms, folded across her legs, and stares at the dark lapping water. The moon ripples along the surface in time to the soft sound of the crashing waves, and she can still see how the sand darkens where the water touches it.

"I can't say I relate, but... I also am aware that I haven't gone through what you've gone through."

Being turned into a vampire didn't seem even a little bit fun, and Annabelle found a thrill in even the darkest things.
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Annabelle drops her head so that her curly hair falls everywhere, and she laughs through her nose a bit, pushing her fingers through it as her forehead rests on her arm.

"Boring. Dreary. No civilization for tens and tens of miles; only the gray sky, black sea and the shoddy cabin itself."

She turns to look at Lauren, her hair kind of a mess. "My home world itself of course had countless untold wonders... Hundreds of beautiful civilizations, languages, cultures, climates... I just never saw it."
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"With everything I have, I did!" Annabelle exclaims, rolling her eyes up as she shakes her fists in frustration, teeth clenched.

In her case, the Carnival was doing well to entertain her in those aspects... but it still wasn't the same. She's going to new, exciting worlds on someone else's whim, which in and of itself doesn't bother her necessarily—but it's still not exactly what she wanted, back home. It's just a very close approximation.

She then also flops back with a heavy sigh.

"If I go home, I intend to have my way."

If she went home.
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"Yes," she answers, understanding that this might not be a popular stance despite her conviction. Her arms are crossed as she stared up at the sky. "Even if I grow the bottom half
of a slug, I'm not confident that I would wish to return home."
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She looks over at him as she lays in the sand, smiling. A little bit of a giggle escapes her.

"I don't know. It just seemed like a feesible worst-case scenario."
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Annabelle laughs, conceding to his point as she realizes how ridiculous that sounds in retrospect. She lifts her legs so that they're bent at the knees.

"Okay, perhaps I would be a little frustrated and wanting of a form with more mobility. But, feesibly? It's a lot more interesting here than at the hermit's hovel."
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Anna pauses, still watching him for a moment.

"I haven't experienced the awful things you have."

Before, she was so eager to tell Lauren he was wrong. Then, well, he got eaten and turned. That was all very shitty, or so it seemed; Annabelle knows it's not her experience to describe.

"Even if I can't relate, I think I'm beginning to understand, a little bit."
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She peeks back at him, unsure of what to say. Is Lauren just—always sad? She knew he was always kind of cranky, but she's starting to see another side to that. She's never had conversations like this, never met people like him.


She nudges him with her foot, gently. "But maybe not. People change. You're young. We're resilient, and we grow. I often hear that growing is painful, so perhaps your feelings are merely the seeds of something transformative."
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Annabelle raises her eyebrows when he says that, and she actually laughs a little herself, mostly in shock. She doesn't think about how inappropriate it might be to laugh, but... She sits up, sand clinging to her back, and pushes her hair back, tucked under her ear as she often does.

"First of all—I'm very sorry to hear that." Her smile dissipates, eyes searching Lauren thoughtfully. "Secondly, death is the most transformative thing of all. Would you say such a terrible thing didn't change you?"
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Annabelle doesn't press him any further about the details of his emotional relationship with the passing of his family members; it's clearly and understandably a tender subject. Her eyes fall.

"You're probably growing, even as we speak."

She leans over him—torso kind of near his face—and rudely helps herself to his bottle. Once she gets it, she properly rights her posture again, taking a swig. She places it in the sand between them.

"Don't compare yourself to a weed. It insults my personal taste for having interest in your company."
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Annabelle just looks at Lauren with a sharp turn of her head, then frowns, deciding to push him. A juvenile and unproductive approach? Yes.

"I did not. Your brain is just in sad tangles, and it's making you stupid."

She smiles, a little, despite trying to be annoyed.
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"Yes!" She responds insistently, clearing up some laughter as she grins. She takes another sip of his alcohol, and gives it back. He would get sick if he drank the whole bottle, after all, right?? Right.

Her head swims pleasantly, and she finds it interesting; most alcohol is a struggle for her to get down, to some extent, so she's never been terribly indulgent. The only tell with this bottle is how it burns a bit on its way down, but otherwise, she honestly wouldn't guess it was alcoholic...

"Take this back, it's gross."

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