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A single-worded poem comprised of four letters [CLOSED]

Who: Foster and Ginko. Then Tanyuu. Then Sophie, then Sans and Lambert.
What: The thief returns. A motive appears??? Oh, wait, nevermind. It's a really shitty one.
When: Night 90
Where: The Barn
Warnings: Body horror, bad logic, minor violence, unnecessary drama.

It is deep in the dead of a cloud-covered night that Foster emerges from hiding, his kinked blond hair plastered cold and damp to his scalp and the sides of his face. Like some outlandish lake monster, perhaps... he is taking on a hefty amount of risk, returning to the carnival grounds at all. But if he doesn't, then there is no point.

Eventually he finds him.


In the barn, leaning heavily over a pitchfork, a single lantern hanging nearby. The multiheaded rat beast is awake, pushing a few of its many noses through the gate to snuffle in the man's white hair.

Foster approaches, one hand covering his left eye, fingers spread--but clutched, clawlike, over his face. His right eye has disappeared, grown over entirely by a thick shelf of deep purple mushrooms. His left eye is still visible--though ringed precariously by growths of its own, with dried ichor smears and cracked and broken brackets.
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Ginko initially came in here to check the inside of the barn - and the animals living in the menagerie as a whole - for mushi. Now, though, away from the commotion of the carnival, he's mostly focusing on not falling asleep where he stands.

He's exhausted enough already, with the mushi drawing energy from his blood, but it doesn't help anything that the current circumstances have kept him from getting the chance to sleep for more than an hour or two at a time for the past few days. Miu has pushed herself up against his legs, shoving worriedly at him every so often.

When he hears someone come in, he shakes himself and looks up-- then starts when he sees Foster. The condition of his eyes is alarming, to say the least, but then-- he remembers Sans's radio message.

And Foster's response.

"--Foster! You--" He hardly even knows where to start. "Where have you been?"
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What the hell is that supposed to mean? Ginko takes a step back, looking down at himself - at the plants sprouting stubbornly from his skin, the only thing he can think of that Foster would be referring to. Does that have to do with why he'd take the repellent? He did get kind of weird about pain.

"It's... not great, Foster." He shoves his fingers into his bangs, pressing the heel of his palm against his eye. Trying to wake himself up.

Now that he's gotten over the shock of seeing Foster at all, a hint of disapproval is making its way into his voice. "It doesn't look like you've gone unscathed, either. I don't... why would you do this?"
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"Understand what?"

Ginko is exhausted, and frustrated - none of this needed to happen, he doesn't know why it did. And Foster's 'explanation' isn't really clearing much of anything up.

"What the hell do you mean, hiding? Foster, that repellent was important - for my safety, and for the whole carnival's. I wasn't hiding from anything, I was trying to protect myself and everyone here!"
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"...Illusion of safety?" His voice is unsteady, almost shaking.

What the hell does Foster think he's saying? As if keeping the mushi at bay meant Ginko wasn't acutely aware of the threat his condition posed. As if having some semblance of security meant he was hiding.

"Are you kidding me? Trying to keep myself alive isn't hiding, it's not denial-- what kind of 'potential' were you expecting me to discover here? This isn't going to prove anything that I didn't already know!"
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"It's not-- what, you think that I don't realize that? That I thought that having some semblance of a chance made me immortal?"

As if he wasn't still aware of it, every day - constantly, acutely. He steps forward, tail lashing. "I know I'm going to die eventually, one way or another, but until then I have a right to want to survive - to live just for the sake of living if I want to. I don't have to justify that to you!"

Ginko's grip on the pitchfork's handle tightens, and Miu bumps up against his leg again, fluffing herself up. His arms are shaking, only partly out of anger. He doesn't really have the energy for this; frustration and adrenaline are really all that's driving him at this point.

"Does this seriously seem too 'normal' for you? The only way I've found to even be able to stay around the same people is by living in this carnival - you've been here long enough to see how things are here, it's not a normal life! Putting everyone here in danger isn't going to make me any more aware of anything!"
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"I don't want it to be!" His grip tightens again before he forces himself to let go of the pitchfork, practically throwing the handle to the ground.

"I don't care if I change the world, and I don't want to change it like this! I just want to live my life, you've got no right to make this kind of decision for me!"

Dropping the pitchfork might have been a mistake, actually. But he's keeping himself upright so far, even if his legs are shaking slightly under his own weight.
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Tanyuu had already been on her way over to check on Ginko, struggling to stay awake against the draining effect of the tamashi-ka that have taken root along her tail. Both of them are drained and pushed to the limit right now, but she knows very well how little Ginko thinks of his own well-being even in the best of times.

The raised voices make her pause, then hurry forward in a rush of panicked energy. That was definitely Foster's voice, she's sure of it--!

"What is going on?!"

Tanyuu stops in the entrance of the barn, bracing herself against the doorway and glaring with all six eerily glowing eyes. Haruki buzzes at her shoulder, distressed by the angry and upset auras all three humans are putting off.
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Seeing Foster stagger toward him makes Ginko step back despite himself, nearly tripping over Miu in the process. Normally, he'd be more inclined to move toward him, in case he collapses, and a part of him is still worried about the condition Foster is in, but-- he can't claim he's not a little nervous about this behavior, as upset and worried as he may be.

Tanyuu's arrival comes as more than a little bit of a relief. Ginko's head jerks up and he focuses on her, ears flickering. "--Tanyuu!"
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This isn't good. Ginko is in no shape to deal with even a tantruming child, let alone a grown man clearly in the grips of some form of delusion. Foster's entire manner screams of his unbalanced state, but she's no idea where to even begin in calming him down--if it can even be done.

"No one is wasting anything!" Tanyuu forces herself forward in a relatively quick movement, placing herself and the majority of her bulk between Foster and Ginko. "Foster, this is ridiculous! What are you even intending to gain out of this entire mess?!"
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Having Tanyuu between them doesn't actually do a lot to calm Ginko down; if Foster is going to try something, he'd rather Tanyuu not get caught up in it.

"Foster, she's right, you-- you don't have anything to gain here. I don't know what kind of 'proof' you're expecting from me, anyway."