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no bourbon, no scotch, no beer

Who: the idiot brigade aka Lambert & Strange
Where: Strange's trailer
When: backdated to late on Day 77
What: errybody in the trailer got tipsy
Warnings: alcohol use

( continued from here )

[ Taking the White Gull, Strange carefully puts two small drops of the alcohol into his mug of wine. His hands are steady, like he's used to doling out entirely small doses of liquids. Really, he doesn't believe this is as potent as Lambert says it is. After all, the other man can drink it and he...well, he's Lambert so who knows what sort of witcher nonsense makes you resistant to weird alcohols. Still, he can always add more later if need be.

As he finishes adding in the White Gull, Strange caps the flask and sets it on a nearby, hella cluttered table. Moments later, he raises his mug as well.

To your new appointment.

[ Might as well make an ATTEMPT at a toast. Strange downs a healthy serving of his wine...then just starts coughing a bit because wow, even with just two drops that stuff is surprisingly potent. ]

Good Lord.
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I think a lot of the witnesses died during all that. Don't think they'd see it that way.

[ Always a regular ray of sunshine. Still, he smirks, picking up his mug again and taking another drink. ]

Still, you could say it worked out in the end. World's still around, all these years later.

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Who knows? Maybe the Carnival will swing by my world one day and you can buy as many books as you can carry.

[ He taps a claw at his chin. ]

So... two at most?
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You should know witchers don't work for free. What's in it for me?

[ Although honestly, the idea of Strange trying to futz around with magic from his world is ghastly. ]
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[ Groooan. ]

Like you'll pick anything I want to read. Anyway, they weren't my books. Kaer Morhen had a library -- mandatory reading for all witchers in training. Knowing that the difference between a specter and a wraith could mean life or death is an effective incentive.
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Schools, actually. Kaer Morhen's where witchers from the School of the Wolf get trained.

[ This should explain the wolf heads on his swords (well, just the singular sword now) and the medallion, which he taps with a claw. Also yeah, nosiness is a given because it's Strange, but he also has booze so he's a little more amenable to questions. ]
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Besides the Wolf? The ones I've heard of are the Cat, Griffin, Viper, and Bear.

[ He shrugs, lightly. ]

There were probably more, but they might have died out a long time ago. Not even stories left, now.
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Boring. [ Lambert immediately says, with a roll of his eyes, but despite the irritation and clear mockery ... there's an exasperated fondness there, too. ]

Right now there are only four witchers from my school left, including me. I'm the youngest, so they're always on my back about everything -- about as fun as you can imagine. Eskel's better at magic, and after everything they put in him Geralt's even more of a beast than most witchers. Vesemir... [ At that some of his good mood abates, and his scowl seems genuinely scornful. ]

He's the one who trained all of us, so he definitely knows his shit. Sanctimonious as hell, though.
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I'll drink to that. [ You're a good bro, Strange. Lambert swirls the shitty cocktail in his mug before he tilts it up to drain the cup before he continues. ]

That's at least twice as many witchers as you've got magicians. [ Lambert has to point out the obvious potshot with a smirk. Well, all right, he doesn't have to do anything, but you know, just reminding Strange of that. It's better than dwelling on the actual answer to his question, though he does get to it after a moment's pause. ]

As you can guess, the job's dangerous. Nothing nearly as dangerous as people who think you have something they want, though. Hundred or so years back, a mob attacked the castle, destroyed or stole the formulas and spells for making new witchers and massacred all the witchers and the boys that were in training then. Only ones that survived were the ones who were out hunting for the season.

[ He holds out his cup for more wine when he finishes, brows raised. Top him up, bro. ]
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[ Would it make Strange feel any better or worse to know that at least eight out of ten of those boys wouldn't have made it through what the witchers' trials anyway? Ah, Lambert can drop that shit bomb another time. He drinks off enough of the wine to be able to fill the rest with White Gull again.

Even well on his way to tipsy, though, Strange's 'casual' question isn't going to fool him, and he laughs, shaking his head. ]

Bad ones, Strange. You don't think I was born like this, do you? [ He taps a talon maybe uncomfortably close to one of his bright, cat-like eyes, the mutation one he had long before the carnival. ]

But honestly, I couldn't tell you the details if I wanted to. That wasn't considered something we needed to know.
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If you puke in here, you're cleaning it up.

[ Actually, most likely Lambert's going to clean it up, if only because the idea of what civilizations and sentient beings might form out of vomit in the time it takes Strange to get rid of the mess is horrible to contemplate. With that caveat delivered, though, he passes the flask over. ]

It's not like witchers are the only thing that can kill monsters. We just don't need an army to do it. [ He shrugs. ] Vesemir says there's less monsters than there used to be, anyway. Guess he'd know, he's ancient.
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[ They can pass out on the bed together in a miserable bachelor pile and really give Lars something to screech about whenever he stumbles back in. Lambert, however, probably won't be nursing the hangover Strange will. He takes the flask back, shrugging at Strange's musing. ]

Bigger cities, better armies, more politics. Take your pick. Monsters are like any other animal, they like places where they can hide better and where they can hunt better. Doesn't take a lot of brainpower to figure out peasants are easier to eat than a knight in plate armor.
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Compared to here? Maybe. [ Lambert shrugs. He takes this next cup a little more slowly than the last, if only to give Strange a chance to catch up. ]

Does it really count if you've never known anything else?

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