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When: S1:D8 - S1:D18
Where: Visiting the Realm of Dreams.
What: The carnival arrives at a new location and has its first performance week with the new cast, as outlined here. This is a general mingling log for convenience purposes, but players are welcome to make as many other logs for this purpose as desired.
Warnings: Could be a lot of things, around these parts.


As the carnival arrives at its first stop since its recruitment phase, and prepares to put its new band of workers to the test. In the meantime, there is a whole new world of dreams and nightmares to be explored, and threats to be faced on carnival turf. As of S1:D11, the carnival will be opening its doors to the creatures within, and the carnival will be open daily from noon to midnight, though the connection to the realm will be constant.

This is an all purpose mingle log for the full duration of the stay, so please mark top levels with some estimate of what days they'll be occurring on. Please bring any mod questions to the original plotting post.
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[Tanyuu chuckles, taking a brief pull on her pipe before she replies.]

Of which, the scenery, or your fashion statement?
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Now Tanyuu, you and me both know I’m the most fashionable person here~.

[Says the person who did a meet and greet for his workers while wearing leggings and no shoes.]
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[Stifling a giggle, she looks him over with one set of eyes while the other two take in the scenery, watching a cloud staircase forming in the middle distance.]

I didn't say it was a bad one, did I? It's very clever, in my opinion. Compliments your eyes perfectly.
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Ha, I’ll take yer word for it.

[Even if the change to his eyes is, funnily enough, the one he feels most uneasy about. Antlers are annoying, wings interesting, but the eyes….]

[Well, it doesn’t matter.]

We’ll be standin’ here all day if we just chat about my dashin’ good looks, so what do ya think about the change of scenery for this time around?
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It's certainly...interesting. I'm not sure how else to describe it.

[She smiles again, though this time a bit self-consciously.]

I actually was thinking about going to get a better look, but I'm not sure I want to go out into all that without a buddy system.
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[Joker doesn’t say anything. He just starts to sway from side to side, wings fluttering out pointedly, a wide grin on his face.]
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[A laugh bubbles out of her quite on it's own, and she shakes her head in amusement.]

Is that an offer, then?
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If ya don’t mind a gentleman of questionable reputation such as myself accompanyin’ ya!

[He laughs back, stopping his wobbling.]
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[The merry twinkle in her eyes grows even brighter--really, it doesn't seem like she ever isn't smiling when Joker is around.]

Questionable? I see nothing but a fine, upstanding gentleman in front of me!
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[And for that, Joker is delighted. There’s few things better than the satisfaction of making people laugh, to not even talk about when it’s people he actually likes.]

Well, when it comes ta such a fine and beautiful lady such as yerself, I do try ta clean up my act a little bit. Would ya need ta get anythin’ for an outtin’, then?
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[Tanyuu makes a quick check of her coat's pockets--her pipe and matches, a bit of mushi tobacco, a mushi pin (and the gloves she needs to handle the damn thing now)...]

I think I have everything I need. And if not, I can just dream it up, can't I?
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True, true~. Think ya can dream me up one of those dashin’ swords so I look like the proper charmin’ escort? I’ve always wanted ta be a lady’s escort~.
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[She smiles and nods, closing her eyes for a moment.]

Of course, of course! Let me see...

[It takes a moment for her to manage it, but the sword doesn't so much appear as it happens right into her hands, some kind of strange fusion between a katana and rapier complete with a belt and sheath. She opens her eyes, and frowns for a moment down at it.]

...well, that's not quite what I expected.
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[With intense interest, Joker watches the process. Even if it’s just an appearance instead of anything showy, it’s still amazing to him for all that he’s seen similar while working in the carnival. Her reaction, however, draws out another laugh.]

What were ya thinkin’ of then?
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You know, I honestly don't know! I just wanted a sword, but I wasn't thinking too hard about what it should look like.

[She shrugs and holds the sword out, clearly rather amused.]

I suppose my mind simply couldn't decide what sort to make.
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Well, a sword’s a sword, I suppose…

[Accepting it, he gives a few experimental swings.]

And so long as I can use it with one hand, then I don’t got much of a right ta complain, do I?
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[Tanyuu hands it over, and backs up slightly to give Joker a bit of room to test the weight of the blade.]

I can always try making a new one, if we need to. Doesn't cost us anything!
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[Another laugh.]

True, true! In that way, this place is pretty nice for us, no need ta worry about payin’! Anyway…

[Sword in hand, he gives an overdramatic bow.]

Shall we, m’lady?