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mossbuds: (dick zipper)
Who: Lars and YOUUUUUU
When: S1:D41 morning, afternoon and late night
Where: 1) home trailer, 2) ferriswheel, 3) misc right
What: Lars gets his first changes! And also, loses his mind a little! He's shaken up by changes, and also the events from the Matrix finale.
Warnings: As always, Lars's potty mouth. But also, booze?????

BTW i will mimic format- so if you wanna do prose or action either's cool


[ooc: for reference, he looks like this!]
15th-Dec-2016 11:50 pm - [Closed] My Teenage Dads
meanlook: (What is my life?)
Who: Alois, Bonnie, and Silver
Where: Trailer 18  aka Teen Angst Trailer
When: S1: D3 after the day's performance is done
What: Well, Silver DID tell Bonnie she could come by anytime...
Warnings: Good clean wholesome fun. Also probably bad words.

Bad influences x 2 )
mettatronic: (Charmed!)
Who: Mettaton and OPEN!
What: God's non-explicitly self-proclaimed gift to the carnival thinks he'll learn the existing landscape and schmooze among those already present.
Where: All 'round the grounds and then outside the big top.
When: S1:D13, afternoon and post-show.
Warnings: N/A - will update appropriately if that changes!

Build your castles in the air. )
faking: (pic#5418342)
Who: Alois Trancy, ...you?!
What: A day in the life of an eccentric young man.
Where: about the Carnival grounds
When: various times through D16
Warnings: He's a foul-mouthed pain in the butt, so there'll be that... Maybe some emotional rollercoasters? I'll add to this if he drops any bombshells. —Oh, this isn't a warning, but I'll match prose or brackets!

(847): If my emotions are below a 3 or above a 7, I'm crying )
13th-Nov-2016 09:41 pm - [OPEN] ASTRAL PROJECTING AND YOU
starseedling: (i refuse to open a single email)
Who: Steven and YOU!
Where: Various places, and in Steven's trailer.
When: During the latter half of performance week mostly.
What: Steven's astral form gets stuck in your dreamcatcher, because life is awkward. Also, Greg comes back to the trailer after getting attacked by lethifolds.
Warnings: IDK nothing probably.

Being told that following a set of rules will keep you safe is one thing, but believing it in your gut is another. Along with performing in front of an audience for the first time (as spaced out as they may be) and worrying about the mysterious repercussions of taking naps, anxieties of what might happen have been keeping Steven up at night. He's been spending large portions of each night with his eyes closed, wondering if the dreamcaters will work like they're supposed to, and how performances will go the next day. He's not sure how much he actually sleeps outside of muddled periods of missing time.

He can't help but worry what would happen if one of his own nightmares escapes - like the ones he saw when he was Stevonnie. In front of his dad. In front of everyone. He doesn't want to focus on that right now. He doesn't want to think about it. The point of all this was to get away, wasn't it? He needs to escape, just for a while.

And like in so many other situations, his stress and latent desires manifest them in the form of his powers taking over, outside of his conscious control. As if responding to that desire to get away from it all, his astral dream form leaves his body, made nearly physical by the neighboring Dream Realm. It feels like just another dream, as he rises up and sees the carnival from the air above. Without acknowledging that it's a dream, he lets his curiosity rule him and goes searching without another thought.

Except, in this form, it turns out that he counts as a dream just as much as any phantasm or nightmare from the Realm. Which means that as soon as he gets too close, the charms of protections cast on each dreamcatcher are fully capable of sucking him in too. He doesn't even get the chance to realize what's happened, before he abruptly finds himself tangled in one of their weaves, a strange mix of physical and spiritual.

And that's how you may find a miniature child stuck in your dreamcatcher like a fly in a spiderweb, kicking his legs uselessly.

"Help!" he'll eventually call out, his voice small to match his size. "I... I don't... I'm stuck! Please?"

8th-Nov-2016 08:52 pm - for purity's sake.
faking: (pic#1381903)
Who: Alois Trancy, The Psiioniic
What: Alois is a Grade A Butthead, but he's got a good heart in there somewhere. He's about to aggressively show it to Psi, and will probably look like a giant toolbag while he does it.
Where: Supervisor trailer #5
When: Late afternoon, edging into early evening -- S1:D13
Warnings: Bad language and bad behavior... should be tame though.

The knocking on the trailer door isn't going to stop any time soon. It's harsh and heated and insistent, a sharp-knuckled rapping with no reprieve. It will probably get pretty annoying pretty fast. No wonder, then, that the Psiioniic will find Alois standing outside the door, when he opens it. (Pretty annoying, pretty fast!) Alois has looked better. He's still glittery with faerie gems, but his special glow spots have a sickly tinge to them, and the half-moons underneath his eyes are so intense they almost look like makeup. He must be exhausted—he is exhausted, though it's his own fault. He has been sleeping as little as possible.

More importantly, he looks quite stern. Anger isn't a new look for him, he wears it like it's fashionable, but often it comes off as petty or overemotional. Random, even, sometimes. This particular anger, this sternness, is more unusual to see on him. He has taken his arrival to this trailer quite seriously, and he wants to be taken seriously, too.

At first he only barely glances at Psi, when the door is opened—instead he rubbernecks, leaning left to peer past Psi as best he can. He's obviously trying to get a view of the trailer's interior; he's shameless and has no problem being nosy as hell. But whatever he sees or doesn't see isn't satisfying, so he straightens himself back properly, folds his arms primly, and looks up into Psi's face.

"Is she here?" The subject in question is probably obvious, but he doesn't bother to elaborate. Instead: "Look, I need to talk to you."
7th-Nov-2016 04:13 pm - all jobs is bad
mossbuds: (I'M the bitch of this beach ok)
Who: Lars and whoever! OPENNN
What: Rampant mundanity.
Where: Around the carnival; rides and food court specifically; then his own trailer!
When: Mid day, dusk, and early evening
Warnings: Lars's potty mouth.

i blame this town, this job, these friends, but the truth is its myself )
29th-Oct-2016 08:50 pm - ⇨ THE REALM OF DREAMS
ringleaders: (firebreather)
When: S1:D8 - S1:D18
Where: Visiting the Realm of Dreams.
What: The carnival arrives at a new location and has its first performance week with the new cast, as outlined here. This is a general mingling log for convenience purposes, but players are welcome to make as many other logs for this purpose as desired.
Warnings: Could be a lot of things, around these parts.


As the carnival arrives at its first stop since its recruitment phase, and prepares to put its new band of workers to the test. In the meantime, there is a whole new world of dreams and nightmares to be explored, and threats to be faced on carnival turf. As of S1:D11, the carnival will be opening its doors to the creatures within, and the carnival will be open daily from noon to midnight, though the connection to the realm will be constant.

This is an all purpose mingle log for the full duration of the stay, so please mark top levels with some estimate of what days they'll be occurring on. Please bring any mod questions to the original plotting post.
19th-Oct-2016 11:00 pm - Performance and Dreamcatchers
pipers_son: (leyline) (Default)
Who: Joker, those working entertainment, and whoever wants to do fun arts and crafts
When: The day after the orientation, and then after the ringmaster's announcement
Where: The Big Tent and one of the side stages, respectively
What: Joker gets his performing ducks all in a row, and then does an arts and crafts corner. As you do. Mingle log!

At around ten in the morning, as he told a few other workers and anyone who'd been listening in on the walkie talkies, Joker starts to radio in those who are working under him to meet up in the big top. Hope you had breakfast and not a hangover! Of course, for anyone who tries not to attend, Joker will cheerfully hunt them down and bother them into going.

Sorry, mandatory, you know how it is.

It's later in the day, after the ringleaders' own announcement, that eventually Joker makes another of himself, this time to the general channel. It's an invitation to one of the side stages to make dreamcatchers together, for anyone who still craves company or simply doesn't know what the hell a dreamcatcher even is. Along with that, Joker has taken it upon himself to make sure signs advertising this are plastered all over the carnival.

He drew them himself. Please appreciate the scribbled stars.
19th-Oct-2016 08:23 pm - Dream Weaver
cuckooed: (can't wait to eat you)
Who: Koel, OPEN
When: After the Ringmaster's request, 10/19-10/21
Where: Cookhouse/ Supervisor Trailer 2
What: When she's not training, she's making dreamcatchers and...supervising other things
Warnings: Nothing so far - will edit if needed!

I believe you can get me through the night )
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