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Who: Lambert & Jonathan Strange
When: Day 161+, after Strange returns from London.
Where: Hot springs to start, maybe Lambert's trailer afterwards?
What: Magic practice gets interrupted by a certain magician's return.
Warnings: References to shitty events in Strange's canon and end of series spoilers, I guess?

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21st-Sep-2017 09:11 am - ⇨ KERNER ISLAND
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Who: Anyone who fits the stipulations below!
When: Day 160 - Day 169
Where: Kerner Island
What: Remember the Spectres? Now's the time to meet them, if that's something you want to do for some reason.
Warnings: Individually marked!


[This is a selective mingle log. Note: characters who are young, have flying dæmons or no dæmons at all, and/or have angelic aspect can come to Kerner. Others will feel the presence of Spectres too keenly to set foot on the island. Ask Joysweeper if you want to see what your characters find or talk to NPCs. ]

Kerner Island is covered in plants and animals not local to the reality, let alone the area. Most noticeably it’s absolutely overgrown with a version of kudzu which produces fuzzy kiwifruits. The vines half-choke trees and splay across buildings, creating deep cover for various animals, including shy, harmless rabbit-deer-rodents sporting tiny antlers. There are a few windows to other worlds scattered about, and during the day a couple dozen children ranging from ten to their mid-teens can be found ducking in and out of them. The oldest of them stays night and day unless persuaded to leave. The biggest concrete danger comes from blue tektites ranged in size from softball-sized juveniles up to beachball-sized adults. The children kill them whenever they can, seeing them more as a nuisance than a real danger - a twelve year old and their dæmon and a big stick can easily defend against several at once.

To children and unsettled teenagers the tektites and any new hostile creatures coming from other worlds are the only danger on Kerner. Teenagers closer to settling will feel a sourceless unease, and their dæmons will see things out of the corners of their eyes. The closer someone is to settling, the more they will be able to perceive Spectres, and the more Spectres will notice, passively leach from their souls, and be drawn to them.

The Spectres are intangible, insubstantial, noiseless, and nearly invisible even to adults. They seem formed out of tenuous things like mist, heat-haze, smoke, light reflecting on water, and have twelve-foot-tall shapes that are usually read as columns, or trees, or humanoids. Adults and settled teens can sense a Spectre’s effect on their soul and and pinpoint it by the feelings of nausea and wrongness. Spectres are mindless, drawn to consume souls in the same way fire is drawn to consume fuel. If they can physically reach a dæmon it only takes a few minutes to consume it; if they can’t they feed passively on the internal soul or the soul’s connection to the body, which takes hours to a day to complete. A Spectre’s passive range is much wider than their physical reach.

Having an adult soul and being anywhere near Kerner is unpleasant. Even a few minutes of passive exposure to Spectres leaves the soul worse off. It's more obvious with dæmons, which go quiet and appear to be in pain, but their bodies, and anyone who still has internal souls, feel it too. Most people experience nausea, disgust, weariness, and mounting despair often coupled with a desire to hide it and pretend nothing’s wrong. Even when safely away effects linger, but creating or building things, or spending time around other people, helps restore the soul.

Different kinds of magic can lure and direct some Spectres out of the way. They can’t be damaged physically or by most magic. Angelic magic has some effect on them directly and might destroy a few, but the Spectres are so thick on the island that staying to fight is just going to result in being overwhelmed. This is not a place of glory, unless you’re a kid.
18th-Sep-2017 06:19 pm - stranger I know so well (open)
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Who: Taako and whoever comes to see him.
When: Days 159-16something. Let's say 162 for now.
Where: Trailer #18.
What: Taako had a realization and has shut down completely, and is hiding away in his trailer. Anyone want to check on him...?
Warnings: Massive spoilers for The Adventure Zone; language, grief, and Taako likely being a huge asshole because he's upset.

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16th-Sep-2017 04:21 pm - [Closed]
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Who: Yuya and Strange
When: later day 161
Where: Greysol and the lake
What: Yuya tries to teach Strange how to swim.
Warnings: Secondhand embarrassment?

Yuya's ready to make an honest effort at swimming lessons with Strange, but first they're going to need something more appropriate than heavy coats and slacks for swimming in, so when Strange reaches out to him, Yuya sets up a meeting at the first swimwear clothing shop he can find--he doesn't look into it much beyond the sign, but there's gotta be something normal in there, right?

His hands are stuffed in his pockets when Strange walks up, Koemi perched on his shoulder. Once he looks up he manages to pull his hand up to wave enthusiastically. "Mr. Strange! Siobhan!"
16th-Sep-2017 05:38 pm - this is no place, but here I am
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Who: John Childermass & Jonathan Strange
Where: Childermass's trailer
When: day 161
What: Strange got canon updated! as such, he & Childermass are going to actually talk about things for once.
Warnings: none, will edit if needed

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15th-Sep-2017 08:36 pm - Yes to understand this lie [Closed]
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Who: Foster and Taako
When: Day 158
Where: Trailer 18
What: Taako is having a breakdown. Foster is.... not the right person to be around.
What: TAZ spoilers, language probably

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Who: Yuzu, Yuya and Gongenzaka later on
When: Day 159, before the spell goes off
Where: The carnival
What: Yuzu has arrived in the carnival as the new cashier and a promise of answers. Juuuuust that there may be a few complications...
Warnings: Regularly dopey stuff involving these three?

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4th-Sep-2017 07:53 pm - ⇨ GREYSOL
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Who: Everyone!
When: Day 155 - Day 169
Where: Greysol
What: The carnival resumes its tour, this time heading to Greysol, a city tied deeply into the fabric of the multiverse. Here, everyone has an animal companion from birth that is the second half of their soul - and thanks to the Ringmaster, so do you. (Remember, [plurk.com profile] joysweeper is our guest event runner for this location, and location specific questions should go to them.)
Warnings: Individually marked!


The carnival arrives in a manicured park in the center of a big city that sprawls out along where the river reaches the ocean. It’s spring, early enough that nights are chilly, warm enough in the days that people and their souls savor the weather, and sometimes shelter together from the rain. Greysol was designed from the bottom up to accommodate the human-dæmon bond. Go out and see!

THE SHAPE OF YOUR SOUL: The dæmon-forming spell kicks in at about four in the morning. Most characters will wake up with their souls in some small form, curled against them. Even if they were awake, they became dazed and unfocused while their souls were being drawn out of their bodies and have little memory of how it happened.

Until that evening every character's dæmon is able to change shapes, and children and some teens will continue to do so. Most will settle on their permanent forms by evening. Characters without dæmons will just look on, and the few who are thousand-pound bears have to handle being really big.

IT’S GOOD TO SETTLE: Elaine Tavis Aracari, sixteen-year-old daughter of two actors and a moving pictures sensation herself, just ‘settled’ - her dæmon Tavis stopped changing shape - as a stunning blue peacock. Settling is a major coming of age milestone and celebrated as such in different ways all over the world. She and her family are throwing a massive party in the central park and inviting the public to join in! Enjoy easy access to free catering, live music and showings of moving pictures, and displays of mostly trivial magic. There are also form readers from across the country setting up booths, happy to accept a small fee to inspect your dæmon’s settled or most favored forms and tell you what they mean. Is there anything to these analyses? Eh, maybe, but they’re flattering and fun.

WITCHING HOURS: Characters who are clearly witches for this event will often be assumed to be in town for a lover, and people, witches and not, may want to know who that is. Humans usually regard them with wary respect and interest. Real witches living with their human families or on business quickly suspect that something’s up, but without clear and present danger take a relaxed wait-and-see attitude. Wait for long enough and any possible decision will come around again, they believe.

There isn’t time to learn much witch magic, but witches, real and carnival-made, have an inherent power: the ability to fly using branches of “cloudpine”, an attractive soft-needled tree common in the park. Witches usually ride large branches as if they’re steeds but can use even short sprays, and you’ll probably see the few witches in the city coming to the park to do so. Why not try?

BEAR PUN: Human-panserbjørn relations have historically been troubled, but have warmed in the past century. It’s the 65th anniversary of the breaking of the Siege of Bertin, a much-mythologized time when Spectres flooded Greysol and a company of panserbjørn arrived and directed efforts to get the survivors out of the city. A statue is being erected and many florid accounts of the story are being told. If you’re in a panserbjørn shape for the duration of the visit you will probably get thanked and celebrated by people trying to hide their nervousness of you. Expect someone to ask if your dæmon would be a human - it’s a common supposition.

KERNER ISLAND: From the harbor you can see a wooded island. Although there are no rocks to speak of it sports a tall lighthouse, and nearly all boat traffic avoids it carefully. On a clear day someone with binoculars or a particularly sharp-eyed soul can see loads of trash, birds and various other animals that don’t seem local, and… children? Adults and settled teenagers will see tall vague shapes moving about too.

When asked about it the most important thing adults will tell other adults is don’t go there. They’ll hold their dæmons close and tell you that on that island are things that eat souls. They may also admit with mixed pride and shame that it’s been a source of wealth and innovation for the city. There’s a facility there that can open windows into other worlds, and the children who can reach it can cross through and bring things back. Many of the children are recruited by research and development teams on the lookout for items they can use, but there are also kids out to have adventures or who’ve run away. More on this later.
30th-Aug-2017 12:05 pm - smoke and mirrors, silver and gold
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Who: Idiot 1 (Lambert) and Idiot 2 (Jonathan Strange)
When: Day 148, after fae and Pokemon breeding chatter on the radios.
Where: Training grounds!
What: English magician bullshit meets witcher bullshit.
Warnings: The usual, where these two are concerned

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29th-Aug-2017 08:47 pm - [closed] book review
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Who: Two gigantic magic nerds (Rita and Strange)
When: Near the end of the Summerlands visit
Where: Strange's trailer
What: Rita gives Strange's book back, with some critiques
Warnings: strong opinions

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